MRR Radio #1200 • 7/10/10

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THIS WEEK: Layla, Hubbs, and visiting punkers Golnar and Yumi are all angered by the unjust verdict in the Oscar Grant case… And although Layla insinuates that no one has been censoring the show for a few months, she was wrong! Sorry to undermine your work Scott Moore — you rule.

Oscar Grant 1986–2009

Intro song:
RIP – Policia No!

Layla plays some current tunes — all featured in the review section of MRR #327!
SON SKULL – Perennial
NÜ SENSAE – New Lies
NEON BLUD – Sophomore Blud
MAYDAY! – Illegal Alien v. Child Predator
GUN OUTFIT – Southern Chill

Golnar used to run this magazine! Now she is a grad student, but she still has jams.
MEAT PUPPETS – Walking Boss
HANS-A-PLAST – Sex Sex Sex
URGENT FURY – 58,000 Dead
CHECKMATE – Only Fools Pretend to be Happy

Yumi hates the police!
DICKS – Dicks Hate Police
DILS – Sound of the Rain
YOUNG WASTENERS – Siren Symphony
URBAN WASTE – Police Brutality
AK-47 – The Badge Means You Suck

Hubbs’ set got cut short, but is it sweet? You be the judge!
ELTON MOTELLO – Jet Boy Jet Girl
JAYNE DOE – As the World Turns

Outro song:

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