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Fuckin’ Reagan Youth! They ruled. Here we have a rare and mysterious recording of unknown origins! It comes off a dubbed tape from MRR’s archives and as far as I can tell is a different recording than either the first 12″ or the Live & Rare CD on New Red Archives. The sound quality is good and you can faintly hear a recording engineer talking between a couple of the songs, so my guess is that it was done in a studio. A bunch of the tracks are slightly different versions of songs that were on the first 12″, but in my opinion the coolest thing about this is the recording of “Brave New World,” which was later redone for what became the Volume 2 album. Dig the spoken word part over the awesome guitar lead at the beginning of the song! I can practically see the legions of NYC punx creepy-crawling at some long-forgotten CB’s matinee… The last song is an instrumental, and also appeared on Volume 2 with vocals (and wah pedal! Yikes…).

Download here (& thanks to Dan for separating the tracks):

1. Reagan Youth
2. Go Nowhere
3. New Aryans
4. Brave New World
5. Anytown
6. USA
7. Acid Rain (instrumental)

And while we’re on the subject… I love the first Reagan Youth 12″, the Volume 1 reissue with the extra tracks (“No Class”!), and the Live & Rare CD (some great stage banter on this one), but I never got into that second album. I know plenty of people who did though (“It’s metal… but it’s good metal”), so go figure. I do, however, love this YouTube video from this era. Such a different direction from the rest of “NYHC”…

Finally, Reagan Youth has an official website and you can visit it here:

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1 05 2009
Paul (12:22:16) :

Fuck yeah. They played this on MRR Radio back in the day and I’ve been looking for this recording ever since. Thanks Hubbs!

1 05 2009
Moe (13:39:20) :

Cool! I’ll download this when I get home…. Anyone else notice that the original 12″ is a different mix than the New Red Archives Vol.1 LP?

2 05 2009
A. Skin (03:02:13) :

The engineer in between tracks sound Like Jerry Williams. Also just spotted this while cruising the official Reagan Youth site,

“These band members recorded New Aryans, Reagan Youth, Degenerated and U.S.A at 171 A Studios with Jay Dublee as the engineer, these recordings are lost and waiting to be found. ”

Maybe shoot them an e-mail.

3 05 2009
vile76 (09:43:30) :

Hi and thanks a lot for posting this.
I was after a better sound quality and yours is better.
Do you have more on the tape ?? Mine has 23 tracks but no Setlist. Different sessions are available and yours (With 7 tracks) is upgraded sound quality. On my 23 tracks, some have no vocals and several tracks are the same song…
By the way, maybe you can post FALSE ALARM, early 80’s demos, lol…

Greetings from FRANCE. VILE76.

3 05 2009
Blair (19:48:17) :

Hell Yea! check out my blog future shock bjob(search) I won’t link just in case it has bird flu

4 05 2009
MRR Web Coordinator (16:51:22) :

Thanks Blair. Here’s the link (we got a vaccine)… I think you might be the Karl Bakla of our new website!

12 05 2009
Mike Beer (11:52:25) :

Thanks for posting this. Very cool.

In response to Moe. Yeah the original 12″ and the discography do have a different mix. Personally I like the one on the 12″ better.

14 05 2009
Nicky Garratt (14:07:44) :

I can clear up the question of the Reagan Youth Volume 1 mixes. When we brokered a deal with the band, Dave insisted on remixing the 12” and resurrecting the previously omitted tracks. He was, as those who knew him can attest, quite capricious, mostly due to his addiction to heroin. This resulted in quite testing studio scheduling. Dave and I eventually made our way to a small Studio in New York and set about the task. He knew precisely what he sought in the sound to great detail, while I merely made it so. The major difference is a fullness to the sound which was previously absent. I recall Dave being very focused on the Bass sound. Iggy Pop said something to the effect of “be careful when you banish your demons because your angels may leave with them” when he agreed to remix Raw Power. Well that was always a risk, but rather I feel that to those who remember the thinner sound of the original the new mix might seem more polished, but I surely not less powerful.
Nicky Garratt – New Red Archives

30 05 2009
Karl Bakla (10:01:10) :

I wish I had the clit to wear tie dye! My favorite member is the guy playing the Rickenbacker!

5 06 2009
Punk Business Manager (10:49:41) :

The mp3 link in the posting for the Reagan Youth demo is not working- help!

6 06 2009
Hubbs (10:48:41) :

Yeah, the site that was hosting the MP3 is down at the moment… I re-uploaded the songs (as separate tracks) so it should be working now. Enjoy! And thanx for the comments…

8 06 2009
Punk Business Manager (04:04:49) :

Thanks for both fixing the mp3 links, and for separating the tracks!!

1 10 2009
Trey Oswald (14:46:50) :

I am looking for the Live at CB’z in 1983 Rat Cage put out back in ’02. Anyone know where this can be found?

23 06 2010
AB (05:36:15) :

Thanks a lot, but to bad it’s encoded at 96kbps, the quality is hacked with such compression…
It would be great you re-up it at least at 192kbps… or even 320kbps
Thanks !

9 04 2012
jimichirri (12:40:27) :

i think this is the rat cage records demo, for an ep, never released, october 1982. al pike said (on the live and rare cd) there were 6 songs, well, i can see “acid rain” is unfinished. but in a mrr interview from ’82 the band said they recorded “degenerated” on this sessions, probably it was never finished, in the interview they said that the songs in the ep are: “reagan youth”, “degenerated”, “brave new world” and “go nowhere”. probably they weren’t happy with the recording. has anybody got more information, please?. (sorry, my english is shite).

4 05 2012
Al Pike (20:58:15) :

Hello folks
yes plenty ado with that demo !!
It WAS October of 1982
The track listing is right –above…
This was called the “High Five ” session , and yes that tape was lost in the shuffle with Dave sometime in 1983..
What was the best thing about this was the introduction of Steve at the time,really adding the final “punch” to our sound.. he joined us a couple of months before this recording..
Jerry liked when we were recording/mixing this… as it was 5-6 AM.. everyone was gone or asleep and we decided to mess with Brave (the ending- as you hear clicking in between the knob mixing) and my fave USA (thats why I included it on Live and Rare)…Jerry Dave and I decided the 2 vocal tracks were so close it would be up to Dave to choose which one he liked best..Instead of making 2 different mixes, I asked Jerry if he could put one vocal left and another right..he did and the song is the result of that mix..i loved it …Dave said “ok..I have to choose which one i like better..”
Thank You Nicky for that clarification in 2009…
I was told that my bass parts were almost recorded over.. on the first 12 inch
Thank God Paul was in his right mind to persuade Dave to leave it alone..
Oh yes… in this session, we did NOT do Degenerated..that was at a later date.. and Beautiful Day was simply not ready..

4 05 2012
Al Pike (21:01:10) :

forgot to add..


11 05 2012
jimichirri (12:33:17) :

Thanks to you, Al, for all. So the unreleased ratcage ep version of “degenerated” is from the rare third studio sessions with you on bass. Now i know why you call the first album sessions (may, 1983) as the fourth studio sessions (and probably the last) with you playin’ bass. Thank you very much again; for me “reagan youth” circa ’82-’83 was the best band in the world. It’s a shame about Adam Yauch’s death, i know the beasties were big fans and friends with Reagan Youth, they even played R.Y. songs live. R.I.P.

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