Record of the Week: ESCROTO DE RATA Punk Rock Sex Basura LP

August 2nd, 2011 by

Sometimes music is great because it’s adventurous and fresh and new and other times it’s great because it’s classic and/or timeless and simple. This LP falls under the latter category. The majority of this record tows a PISTOLS-esque line of London ’77 and even Madrid ’82/’83 right down to the overly bratty, Mr. Rotten influenced vocals with elements of LA BROMA DE SSATÁN and TOREROS AFTER OLÉ, as well. ESCROTO DE RATA occasionally picks up the pace to an almost hardcore tempo on a coupla trax, but spends most of the time sort of plowing along. My rudimentary knowledge of Spanish (with the help of Google Translate for some of the naughtier words) tells me that they didn’t call this record Punk Rock Sex Trash for nothing, with the lyrics covering all three of these subjects, and often at the same time/in the same song. With that said, this really is an insane record, and I use the word “insane” with more of the dictionary definition in mind than a purely dramatic adjective to describe wild music. I say this because the general flow of Punk Rock Sex Basura is occasionally broken up by bits of pure maniacal outbursts taking the forms of weird voice manipulations, eerie synth lines, or just straight up demented laughter. Couple that with the drawings of Venus de Milo in bondage, wild masturbating punk women, and a cover featuring a punker with a guitar in one hand and a severed cock-andballs in the other, you should know what you’re in for. This record is ruling and the snot flows like wine. (La Vida Es Un Mus)

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6 08 2011
Adam Johnston (03:42:24) :

Yep, this is a great release & seems to be under a lot of people’s radar. Paco does it again!

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