Record of the Week: FEMACOFFIN Dismal Twilight EP

July 22nd, 2014 by


Following their excellently abominable 2013 demo, FEMACOFFIN continues to break new crust ground with anguish, crux and blood-curdling sincerity. What I most appreciate about this band is their no-fucks-given tempo. The overall haplessness of this recording does not give a shit what you or your scene expects from a punk band. There is that kind of awesome respect when you hear FEMACOFFIN live, as well. If I may: hear this risen from the ashes of STORMCROW as AXEWIELD was spewed from EFFIGY. As if either needed be improved upon, yet here they are. Side one dooms the mood with “Dismal Twilight,” a four-minute bulldozer. Side two: “Trinity” quickens the pace with additional metal riffs. You can’t get much better than the vocal dynamic between Brian and Tony. A ghostly, brief, guitar solo depresses further into their music void of optimism. This is truly saturated, septic crust punk. A spaced-out sample mid-side reminds me of AMEBIX “The Moor,” straight into the best ICONS OF FILTH cover ever: “Midnight.” Absolutely ripping drum fills here. Holy shit, this cover fucking rules! Beautiful stipple artwork by Stiv of VISIONS OF WAR, hand lettered insert, profound lyrics, great production; this is a must have debut EP for any crust resurger out there.
( Brainsand Records)

— Jason Ryan

2 responses to “Record of the Week: FEMACOFFIN Dismal Twilight EP”

24 07 2014
Shut Up (08:27:10) :

MRR is the best at calling shitty bands “brilliant”, and brilliant bands shitty. This band sucks. Get off the crack, guys.

27 07 2014
FC fan (00:56:33) :

No one who has ever seen and heard this band live would agree with the above comment. No one. FemaCoffin is stunningly talented, compkex musicianship, audience enthralling. Shut Up would do well to get beyond whatever rejection is plaguing him/her and give this band an honest listen. Let the envy go. You’ll be glad you did.

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