Record of the Week: Las 4 Bandas comp LP

February 26th, 2012 by

By our new record reviewer Matt Badenhop, from MRR #346.

Fuck yes! Lengua Armada brings us yet another reissue of an old Peruvian punk gem! This time it’s a cassette from 1985, remastered from the original tape. LEUZEMIA (aka LEUSEMIA) kicks it off with three catchy, vocal-driven classics, recorded much rawer than their brilliant LP. Next up is ZCUELA CERRADA with four tracks of fuzzy guitars and basic rhythmic hooks. The vocal delivery is really dynamic, and the singer’s voice is always on the verge of cracking, giving it such an adolescent and honest sound. On to side B and we have the pre-ATAQUE FRONTAL band, GUERRILLA URBANA, with five great rudimentary punk blasts. Last but not least is AUTOPSIA, for whom I recall a great 7” reissue was released a couple years ago. AUTOPSIA pushes their sound into hardcore territory with four aggressive ragers with convincing throaty vocals and insanely catchy choruses. All of the material on this LP is consistently raw and primitive and full of hooks and crafty song ideas. There’s also a great foldout insert with lyrics, art, photos, and a really cool testimony, in Spanish and English, on the origin of underground rock in Peru in 1985. Overall this is an amazing glimpse into the early days of the Peruvian punk scene. Get it!
(Lengua Armada)

4 responses to “Record of the Week: Las 4 Bandas comp LP”

26 02 2012
Carlos Palacios (13:40:45) :

A total classic!!!!!!! i remember i bought the copy of the copy of the copy of the copy of this tape when i was 15 and i played it on my walkman all day long!!!!

26 02 2012
Cv (15:48:55) :

Sadly Martin never answear my emails :(

27 02 2012
Manuel (20:05:10) :

This is a gem, how lucky to have it now on vinyl, new generations can not complain.

9 03 2012
Wili (16:41:07) :

Thank you!!! is a historic launch of punk made ​​not only in Peru but in Latin America in the mid 80s!!!

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