Record of the Week: ROYAL HEADACHE LP

November 9th, 2011 by

ROYAL HEADACHE, another in an endless stream of fantastic new Australian groups, delivers an essentially flawless pop record in long form on their first shot. While their debut single totally impressed, they truly shine here, making the kind of record that folks from a wide array of genres will likely embrace. The performances are top notch across the board, complete with actual singing that’s so proficient and downright awesome that it sounds totally fucking jarring. The production is perfect, fuzzy in all the right places, propelled by a stabbing guitar sound that recalls the most powerful moments of classic UK DIY punk rock. The soulfulness and excellent songwriting exhibited throughout brings to mind a speedy, punk SQUEEZE, which I hate myself for saying, but fuck it, it’s there. Much like stateside heroes HOME BLITZ, ROYAL HEADACHE is capable of conjuring up a monster hook out of chaos and making a whole lot of other current pop bands sound terrible in the process. (RIP Society Records)

2 responses to “Record of the Week: ROYAL HEADACHE LP”

10 11 2011
Dk (10:19:29) :

The singer’s definitely got soul going on in his vocals. Great pick, really awesome record.

17 02 2012
andy walker (06:24:37) :

i want this on cd,shame on me i know but don’t have a deck. where can i buy it. i’m from the uk so feel sorry for me!!

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