Record of the Week: SHARKPACT Ditches LP

December 8th, 2011 by

After doing reviewing records for a long time, you start to notice there are very few bands doing something completely original. Or even modestly original. Most bands create music that reflects (at times shamelessly) the music that inspires them. And that’s great, that’s fine. No problem. But every once in a great while you come across a band like SHARKPACT who create music utterly unlike anything you’ve been hearing. And that’s something extraordinary. But this album isn’t just original; it’s also really really fucking good. My attempts to describe the music are going to sound awful, so you’ll have to trust me on this one. The band is just two folks; one on the drums, the other on keyboard, both singing. And what comes out is like a mutant combination of goth and heartfelt pop punk. Wait, wait don’t stop reading, I swear this is awesome! The synthesizer has a late ’80s goth vibe while the drumming has a WARSAW-era JOY DIVISION on meth approach. But then add ONE REASON style vocal harmonies. Heartfelt, urgent, unrelenting. This album is obviously not for everyone, but I’m sold, album of the month, for sure. (Rumbletowne Records)

4 responses to “Record of the Week: SHARKPACT Ditches LP”

10 12 2011
Gaiapunk (10:14:52) :

This album is amazing and SHARKPACT puts on fuckin’ killer live shows!

11 12 2011
Blair (02:10:47) :

I trusted u on this one Fred, bit ovarepetative but ruff if honest and uoriginal, 3/5 for me, we often don’t have same tastes but thats alright, non uber-poonk.

12 12 2011
Jeremy (12:13:03) :

This sounds like early AM! with a keyboard – I dig it. But I think I like the drummer’s other band, Mutoid Men, way better.

13 12 2011
Foote Clan (17:42:04) :

Man, that guy has the armiest arms that ever did arm, let me tell you what. Whadda dream boat…

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