Record of the Week: TIMMY’S ORGANISM Rise of the Green Gorilla LP

  • Published March 10, 2011 By MRR
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This Record of the Week comes from our record reviewer Mitch Cardwell (welcome back, Mitch!) and appears in the April issue of MRR magazine, which also features an interview with TIMMY’S ORAGNISM


How can KURT VILE fans sleep at night knowing that this fucking guy is out there, ruling the universe? Seriously, Timmy Vulgar — punko-futuro from EPILEPTIX, CLONE DEFECTS and HUMAN EYE — makes everyone else look like a fucking joke.

Timmy Vulgar (photo by Doug Coombe)

Bottom line: there are few people in the world making music in the same league as this guy, and Rise of the Green Gorilla, though slightly different from previous efforts, keeps the bar set incredibly high.This is not some artful grouping of bleep-blops unleashed as a vanity project, but a collection of songs that are sometimes harsh, sometimes surprisingly pretty, but always Timmy. There’s a heavier reliance on electronics and synths on this LP than anything else he’s done, yet his particular brand of damage is present throughout.

I like to think this record is just a day-in-the-life type of document, recorded sometime in between eating a small child for breakfast and bedding a starlet from outer space around 3 a.m. This LP contains the lyric, “We survive on marijuana and carrots,” for crissakes. Genius!!!

(Sacred Bones Records)