Reissue of the Week: Flag of Democracy

June 16th, 2015 by

Ah yes, killer reish here of the second best record to ever emerge from the City of Brotherly Love. (YDI 7” is number one if you were curious.) Anyway, F.O.D. seems to have gotten an unfair shake on account of being a “funny band,” and for pressing on far past their peak, but this six-songer is prime, ’80s East Coast suburban, lawn-mowing, hardcore thrash at its finest, a perfect kindred spirit with ADRENALIN O.D. The hyper-speed, snappy thrashers that fill the grooves of this 7” are a crucial piece of the ’80s American hardcore puzzle that definitely need to be digested more than once if you fancy such things. (Justin Briggs)

Since we got sent a giant stack o’ F.O.D reissues which are all reviewed in the new MRR so I thought I’d dig around and find an older mention in ye olde MRR archive… (Taken from issue #5)  You can take a listen to this tape right here courtesy of SRA Records

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16 06 2015
Chuck Meehan (10:24:34) :

Justin – Nice review but strongly disagree with the “pushing past their peak” . Their work up through most recent recordings have been state of the shred and certainly not a throwback oldies outfit. Signed – one of the guys who played on your favorite Philly record

16 06 2015
Jason (20:41:21) :

I 100% agree with this guy up here ^^
(Chuck Meehan not the reviewer)

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