Ride To Live

June 30th, 2009 by

If you have been paying attention you would have read Mark Murrmann’s column last month where he raved about the comp Ride To Live. He has great taste so I picked the sucker up quicksmart. To some of you folks the idea of a comp devoted to the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” would make yer toes curl, but trust me, there are some bangers hidden in there. A lot of it is kinda KBD bluesy pub rock. The opener though? Epic. The track is pretty fantastic…but the video? Holy shit.

Agony Bag – “Rabies Is a Killer”

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1 07 2009
Mike Beer (10:24:47) :

That video was very entertaining. The song was good to. I think I may have to get that comp! On a side note I’m stoked to see MRR becoming a lot more diverse.

23 07 2009
icki (17:01:46) :

Holy shit! Amazing find. Now I just gotta track down an original copy of that Agony Bag record…

31 07 2009
RagnarR (23:02:58) :

The singer of Agony Bag, Clive Jones was from occult prog/folksters, Black Widow. Also, there was a D.I.Y.-ness to a number of labels and bands in NWOBHM (dunno if Murrman’s column mentioned it, I missed it, sorry). There are some of us that love NWOBHM as much as Bloodstains/KBD punk, y’know.

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