RIP Phil Vane 1967-2011

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Phil Vane, from the seminal grind/crust band EXTREME NOISE TERROR, died on February 17, 2011. He was 43 years old. ENT session bassist Andi Morris sent us this remembrance of the legendary vocalist…

I remember the first time I met Phil. My band, Desecration, were on the last date of a European tour with EXTREME NOISE TERROR. This was during the period that Phil had left the band, but he had come along to the London show as he had not long moved back from Switzerland and was going to get on stage and perform a few old classics with the band. I had seen photos and videos of Phil playing in and old days of ENT  beforehand, and I thought I knew the kind of wild character I was about to meet. However, the person I was introduced to backstage at the London venue was a mild-mannered, charming, friendly and completely welcoming. Years later I discovered the true extent of his charm when he managed to talk himself and an entourage of us hungover punks onto a plane that was actually due to leave before we got to the check-in desk. Just a hint of the cheeky Vane smile and we were being escorted through the airport by stewardesses and onto the plane.

This was indicative of Phil as a person through and through. Always chatty, and incredibly humble, he would always take time to chat to fans and would always be found out in the crowd checking out the other bands on the bill. A music fan, and a punk to the core, he was always getting excited about such and such new band that he’d been sent a recording by, or had discovered on the web. Such excitement was often followed up in practical terms by him arranging tours or gigs with the bands that he was listening to.

I did not know Phil during his wild years and I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there with a crazy Phil story or two, but I am grateful for all the time I spent trapped in a sweaty van traveling the world with Phil, and am even more grateful for the hours I spent on stage with him.

RIP Phil Vane

As an addition I would also like to say that after having just spoken to Dean on the phone that he wanted to say RIP to his best friend, the most kind and honourable punk in the world, and that he is too choked to say more at the moment. He also wanted to say that “Extreme Noise Terror will continue!!”

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2 03 2011
Stu Smith (23:56:55) :

This is such terrible news. I only emailed Phil a few weeks ago to thank him for sending me a new ENT T-Shirt. Even though I never met him I had emailed him in the past and he was always prompt with his response and really ‘normal’, if that’s the right word to use. He didn’t know me from Adam, but, appeared to treat me like he would anybody else.

The loss of Phil is a real sad loss to the crust/punk movement and he will be missed by thousands of fans.

RIP Phil.



3 03 2011
Bernd Backhaus (07:51:55) :

May I add that having done gigs for ENT in 1988 and being on tour with them, even in the “wild” days he was a nice and charming bloke, with an ear for other people’s thoughts and problems.

3 03 2011
John Meffen (08:03:33) :

It was a shock, I’m very glad that ENT will continue.

Just Remember: “If you are only in it for the music……..”

4 03 2011
Blair (02:44:06) :

A band that stuck together, Murder!!! Originals, remember that, now wheres my free t-shirt haha, well i laughed, so wot, peace bruva!!!!!!

5 03 2011
Adam Johnston (05:54:50) :

I actually bought some ancient MRR’s from him a few months ago & seemed like a nice guy. Sorry to hear about this.

5 03 2011
Boiling Pit (19:15:30) :

I’m happy I saw ENT once couple years ago.
What actually happened to Phil?

21 09 2011
wasyl (11:12:12) :

To bardzo przykre-naprawdę Bardzo!ku…Pokój Jego Duszy

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