Video of the Week: Shit Manarchists Say…

January 27th, 2012 by

“All that class privilege stuff, that’s behind me now…”

4 responses to “Video of the Week: Shit Manarchists Say…”

27 01 2012
ben (13:20:51) :

fuckin hilarious!

27 01 2012
the real deal (20:41:25) :

Brilliant!!! Eerily accurate! Hilarious!

30 01 2012
damien inbred (06:36:06) :

Way too accurate. Sadly, manarchists say so much shit, this could have easily been double the length… I was hoping to see the classic “oh, well, I’ve been…like…active for fifteen years, so I think I know what oppression is…” (or anything where the manarchist uses his age or “time served” to make himself look better than those calling him out

31 01 2012
Dk (12:54:43) :

This was great! Never ran into many dudes using these saying this stuff, but apparently it’s more rampant than I’ve witnessed first hand. Funny for sure. Also, great lines to use on job interviews for jobs you don’t really want. Heh

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