Soapbox Abuse: Hardcore Nerds Help!

July 9th, 2011 by

Hey Punx! Here’s an unashamed cry for crowd-sourced help for the encyclopaedically minded among you. I’m working on a selected discography of all/majority-female, specifically hardcore, punk bands from 1980 thru now. It’s to accompany a chapter about the very same thing in a neat book called Women Make Noise coming out on an independent publisher in the not-too-distant future.

Amy Pickering of Fire Party at 924 Gilman (Photo by Matt Bokovoy)

There’s really not that much published on women in hardcore punk explicitly, which is why I’ve been asked to do this, and I chose 1980 because that’s when (according to those pesky dominant narratives, which we like to avoid, right?) punk is supposed to have mutated into “a violent mosh fest that made all punk women ever give it up to go play keyboards in a new wave band” (ahem, I paraphrase, but you know…)

While I’m plugging the internet depths, maybe there are some gems that you play every day that I’ll have missed, or a local band that never got out of town which should totally make this list because they plain ruled… or indeed maybe a new band that’s blown your mind with lady rage recently?

If so — comment! They don’t need to have internet presence necessarily, and can be from any country and any era, as long as they recorded something – but the more info you care to give the better. When the list done, it’ll be shared here, of course! If you want to know more, or feel like sending me your awesome suggestions and MP3s or anything like that: bryonybeynon AT !

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9 07 2011
Matt Bokovoy (17:16:32) :

Glad you found this on my blog! I have some more photos of Fire Party, so feel free to ask.

Good luck with the book!

Matt Bokovoy

10 07 2011
jason (03:09:15) :

One pretty obscure one was Noh Mercy. I’m not even sure if they were a majority female band, but the vocalist was and she sure had presence. I think they only had a couple of songs on an old comp, but they’re worth mentioning. Man, it’s hard to think of girl punk bands from ’80 who you wouldn’t already have heard of- I mean everybody knows of the Mydolls and Kleenex, etc.

10 07 2011
David (12:23:16) :

I think Chalk Circle is a great example of over-looked and uninvited female punk. True, they had a more post-punk bent, but they are a still an awesome band that was exclued from their scene for no good reason.

10 07 2011
Glen Sharplin (12:47:03) :

P.M.T from the U.K(Norwich)Were an incredible and fun crust/punk band from the late nineties..I think they’ve reformed so give ’em a blast!

10 07 2011
Katie (12:54:53) :

hi i don’t know if they count as ‘hardcore’ but Atrocity from Sacramento (i think) was composed of 2 ladies and some boys (i think) and i they were like 14 years old in 1980 and super awesome…

10 07 2011
Jared (13:33:22) :

As for hardcore specifically, there was the Wrecks, who were featured on the ‘Not So Quiet On the Western Front’ comp with their song “Punk Is an Attitude.” As far as I’ve found, the only other recordings they have out are a demo tape, which Eat Skull later bootlegged on a split tour cassette (that I still need a copy of if anybody out there’s holding. Even a dub would suffice.).

There was Dutch hardcore band Nog Watt who put out a raging 7″ EP. This from Son Of Eet U Smakelijk blog:
They were a couple of girls that had already been involved with Vogelspin records for some years, but had just started their own band. Contrary to a lot of girl bands at the time who’d go “hey, look, we’re girls!”, Nogwatt didn’t want to be judged by their sex, and quite rightly so, because they rocked as hard as any band. Their singer Joanna had a great stage presence and delivery, I remember being slightly intimidated at the time by their sheer Right-On-ness. Drummer Ingrid also played for No Pigs (but I’d swear her drumming with Nogwatt was tighter!).

Also, early-80s Basque punks Las Vulpes, or Vulpess, who did this bouncy version of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”:

10 07 2011
Bret (13:37:04) :


10 07 2011
Graham (13:52:28) :

Beyond Pink and Nog Watt from Europe. Mind Of Asian, Flagitious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation, Yellow Machinegun, and Gaia from Japan. Can’t really think of many from elsewhere.

10 07 2011
Bryony (15:15:12) :

Thanks so much so far everyone!

Tried to no avail (yet) to get an interview with the Wrecks (for the book and for MRR) love that demo so very much, 2/4 of them are in 90s also-rans ‘Imperial Teen’ (Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker anyone) but their management are way not up for emailing me back. Boo!

10 07 2011
Jøsh Jensen (16:29:24) :

The Glory Seekers
they are kind of an unknown 80’s group from Portland. They used to play with Dead Moon. My friends mom was the percussionist /back up vocalist.
here is one of there records. I have a difrent one, but their stuff is hard to find.

The bleachy one with a scarf is Kate Fate, the dark hair one with a scarf is Margaret Rose, and the others are guys even if one looks not so much.

10 07 2011
ce ga (16:31:03) :

Smelly Roses (LA Punk Band – Vicci Stewart on Drums) and L7

10 07 2011
Jøsh Jensen (16:34:56) :

just found online the one I have.

11 07 2011
Mish Bondage (00:49:22) :

please get in touch with me at sado at sado-nation dot com or sonic_medusa at msn for info on Sado-Nation and the Braphsmears. I was the singer for Sado at the time, and also Braphs were an all girl hardcore band who often played with and shared equipment with Poison Idea.. (and Sado)

11 07 2011
eatdogs (13:50:54) :

the little rock nine
circle takes the square
i object
the comes
ultimo resorte
vice squad
auróra cirkáló
jingo de lunch
sin 34
no thanks
castration squad
Killer Instinct
yeasty girlz
electric deads
nog watt
gashthe avengers
the brat

11 07 2011
jim (13:54:38) :

Hans-A -Plast

11 07 2011
Blair (17:27:55) :

Compus Mentis/NZ:, please stop the editing :). never be silenced.

11 07 2011
Landon (19:35:30) :

The Two Funerals is a really good all/mostly female punk band out of Richmond VA.

12 07 2011
joan (11:13:09) :

I sang in a sXe band called …and i can’t wait from 2000-2002 in Boston. It was a great couple of years because in Boston was going through a bit of a feminist revival with Moshtrogen, an all female mosh crew. Other great bands with women in them around that time were The Profits and Witchhunt.

12 07 2011
nada (12:04:00) :

From France you can try the following bands :
* HHM all femal band from Brest, they have a lp
* Gethen from Grenoble, currently active, all female band too, no recording still
* bakterien kavalkade from Besançon (all female as well) are great too, they have a demo and a 10 inch. currently active
* Moravagine from Bordeaux, still active too, they have a ten inch currently active too
* Sea sick six surf punk band from Toulouse, mostly female band members. They have a demo out.
* La Fraction is for some years now a 50/50 genders band! 3 lps, comps, one seven inch etc.
Here are for some bands from around here.

20 07 2011
Les (13:23:51) :

zombie dogs

21 07 2011
max (14:08:13) :

There was a really awesome punk/hardcore band i saw a number of times growing up in Chicago called Reaccion. They had a female singer, whose name I can’t remember, and had a tape that i loved and then tragically lost. Anyway, if you can find anything, they’re really cool. I remember the song “Fuck Street Harassment” being a particular ripper.

26 07 2011
Trish Herrera (05:38:19) :

Bass Player Diaana Ray and Trish Herrera playing in new band No Love Less and Mydolls out playing shows with original members.


Punk Women

Guitarist/Singer No Love Less

Trish Herrera on Twitter!/trishherrera


Trish Herrera on Myspace

Mydolls Word Press

Visual Vitriol Word Press

2 08 2011
Matt Bokovoy (05:03:08) :

I hope Toni from Red C is in the book; and the woman who played in Grand Mal. Kendra Smith from the Dream Syndicate is probably worth including as well, as some of their 12″ singles were fast and distorted, but more psyche garage than hardcore.

7 08 2011
joel (13:48:20) :

Hello Bryony, don4t know if it you^re still interested in informations . A friend of mine ; Nathalie Bourget used to play bass and sing for the Quebec seminal punk band LES MAUVAISES HERBES from 1988 til 1993.
They recorded 3 tapes , played gigs thru Quebec and 4 dates in France in 1992 !
Band members (especially Nathalie and her companion Huw) organised punk gigs in Quebec city with their Tintamarre productions.
She had an incredible presence on stage and a terrific bass style – very funk oriented- this led the band to evolve from your classic street punk to a complex jazz/h.c in the vein of Victims Family and consorts – ie. Nomeansno-

i met Nathalie one week ago when in i was Montreal and told her about your project and she seemed ok to let me send you some infos – for various reasons, you won’t find any info on the net.
If you’re interested, i might send you pictures, bio and songs in september.

8 08 2011
jos (11:23:45) :

NogWatt are maybe the best known band with all females, from the Netherlands. Another all-female band was the Nixe, from Utrecht. They released one ep and appeared on the Utreg Punx compilation ep and two compilation lps, one called ‘rock tegen de rollen’ (which is a live registration of a festival with all female bands) and the 7,50 compilation lp. A Nixe discography was released a few years ago and that included all their released output as well as unreleased stuff. They re-united for the release party.
Another all female band was ‘de Wandas’. They were from the Alkmaar area and at the time they were considered as the ‘softpunks’. They were more in the vein of bands such as the ex and Svätsox.
Lärm used to have a female singer in the first line-up too, she left right before the first record was recorded, but appears on the Holland Hardcore volume 1 tape.
More bands had one or more female member, amongst them were: Zweetkutten, Jetset, Agent Orange, Amsterdamned, Rakketax, Bunker OESO, Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, La Résistance, Loud Warning, Workmates, Squits, A4, Last Few, Ketchup, Niet Reeël Aanbod, Bizon Kids. More recently: Sangre, Hysteria, Betercore, Barnhouse Effect, Landverraad, Malkovich, Union Town, Makiladoras, Fleas ‘n’ Lice, Humus and I guess there are more.
I can get you in touch with most of the bands I have mentioned if you still need information.

23 08 2011
Dk (11:50:50) :

I’d like to suggest Ohio’s Urban Mutants. The only info I know about them is that they were active during the early 80s (’83-ish?) and that they were on a tape compilation called “There is More”. Noise Addiction has the comp posted in its blog if anyone is interested:

1 09 2011
Dk (11:01:01) :

Here’s a video for Urban Mutants I forgot to include for anyone who is interested:

30 11 2011
Dan (15:52:11) :

i compiled 6/8 compilation cd’s (we’re still pissed!!!) from 1980 till now,if you are intrested you can check my blog or email me and ill hook you up!

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