Three hours of Florida punk on the radio!

August 5th, 2011 by

Our old friend Bob Suren, who you may remember from Sound Idea distro/record store, sent us this link to download a 3-hour-long special of all Florida punk DJ’ed by him, Pete Watson, and Shane Hinton on Tampa, Florida’s WMNF. They even made themselves an advert for it on YouTube!

Download the special HERE, read the playlist below, and enjoy the fuck outta this shit!


The U-Boats – Break Out Tonight – Government Rip Off
Runnamucks – Bad Blood – Of a Different Breed
John Madden and the Electric Condoms – Don’t Spit in My Burrito – Demo 2003
Monuments to Ruins – Tomb of Modern Man –  S/T

Mor-Loks – What My Baby Wants – Single, 1966
Music Machine – Talk Talk – Single 1966
Critical Mass – Silver Screen – Single
The Eat – Communist Radio – Communist Radio
Futurisk – Army Now –  Army Now
Kill the Hostages – Mutant – S/T 7″

Reckless Deerhunters – How – Life
HECATEST – Gas the Human Waste – Stiffs Split 7″
Control De Estado –  Fashion Junkie – Vallan, y Hagan Discipulos
The Holy Mountain – Big Hands – S/T 7″
The Cursed – John Doe – S/T
Screaming Sneakers – Violent Days – Marching Orders 12″

The Essentials – Turn Off Your Radio – Fast Music in a Slow Town
Roach Motel – My Dog’s Into Anarchy – We Can’t Help It If We’re from Florida 7″
Belching Penguins – We’re the Cops – Draft Beer Not Me LP
No Fraud – Life – Demo
The Stiffs – They Live – Split 7″
Flaming Pedro Medina – Attack of the Floating Head – S/T CD

F – Coming Two – The Danger is Here
Charlie Pickett and the Eggs – Trash Fever – Cowboy Junkie Augogo
Antler Joe and the Accidents – Who Needs a Woman Like You – Go Commercial
The Wrap – He’s Not There – S/T 7″

The Greaseman – Hippie in the Way – What it Must be Like to be a Real Law Man
Foul Existence – No Interest – Demo 1987
Rat Cafeteria – Kill – We Can’t Help it if we’re From Florida
Rat Cafeteria – Tax Revolt – We Can’t Help it if we’re From Florida
EBS – Police Pricks – Cosmetic Society  7″

The Panics – I’m a Fan – S/T 7″
Murder Suicide Pact – Plague – S/T LP
Sector 4 – White House – We Can’t Help it if we’re From Florida
Spanish Dogs – Hire Every Hitman – Land that Time Forgot Comp LP
Gross National Product – Ronald McVomit – 13 Song Demo
Stevie Stiletto and the Switchblades – Party Dog – It’s A Bogus Life 7″

Chaos – A Kiss and a Fist – Demo 1980
Disorderly Conduct – How Old Are You? – Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 2
LGA – Nullified Prognosis – Demo 2003
Maggot Sandwich – My Florida – Get Off the Stage
The Greaseman – Drugged Up Freak – What it Must be Like to be a Real Law Man

HECATEST – Spoons Are For Coffee – Split 7″ with The Stiffs
TBA – Monkey See – Hillsborough County Noise Ordinance
HECATEST – Working – Split 7″ with The Stiffs
John Madden and the Electric Condoms – Billy the Bunny – Demo
The Comets – Help Me – S/T 7″
Myzfits  – Aggravation – S/T 7″
Cliff Buckosh – Confusion Corner – It Came From Florida

Voyeurs – On the Run – S/T
Scrotum Grinder – Special Purpose – Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever
Nazi Dust – Hatred Side – S/T 7″
Hated Youth – Social Obliteration – Roach Motel Split LP
Flaming Midget – Facelift – Midget Melodies

The Fans – Middle Class Blues – S/T 7″
The Visitors – Death of a Gunfighter – S/T 7″
Reckless Deerhunters – Things to do When You’re Home Alone – Life
The Reactions – In Society – Official Release
Pink Lincolns – I’ve Got My Tie On – Back From The Pink Room
Cats on Holiday – Future Shock – Land that Time Forgot Comp LP
Gay Cowboys In Bondage – A Funny Red Mustache – Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again
F  – Rotting Away – White Flag/ Peace Split  LP

Reckless Deerhunters – Stupid Rock Star  – Brandon Hardcore
DFC – Crappin Everywhere – Frank Forever Comp
Backwash – Foundation on a Good Night – We Still Can’t Help It if We’re From Florida
Dynamic Derrick and the Boogie Brigade – Boogie Shoes – S/T CD

8 responses to “Three hours of Florida punk on the radio!”

6 08 2011
Blair (23:29:25) :

Words can’t describe how brilliant this is, don’t take my word for it, go check it out, before i start jabbering.

7 08 2011
Tootie (05:49:50) :

I agree, Blair. And so do Jo, Natalie and Mrs. Garrett. We’re all punk rockers in Peakskill.

7 08 2011
Dk (14:47:40) :

This was so amazing. I found myself at times thinking “who the hell is this band?” or “I remember that band” and before I knew it I had experienced the quickest 3 hours I’ve ever been through (while pot free). Thanks a bunch for this!

7 08 2011
CM (22:05:54) :

Very, very rad. Love the idea of a regional history radio show. Would love for others to put together similar broadcasts

16 08 2011
Jon (11:58:26) :

I am in the process of uploading all of the old Sound Idea shows on my website if anyone is interested. Visit to check them out. Thanks for posting this shit guys!

17 08 2011
Bob Suren (10:30:18) :

Hi, Jon
That’s great news. I just checked your site and there is so much to absorb, it is almost overwhelming. Shane, Pete and I would like to start a regular net radio show, so we may be in touch with some technical questions.

Anyone who wants can reach me directly at

or by mail at
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

5 09 2011
Bob Suren (06:17:38) :

Hey, everyone
I’m jumping into the exciting world of podcasting. Listen to the show and help spread the word.

Download the PUNK ROCK RECORD PARTY podcast #01: It is 60 min (55.04 MB).

Subscribe to weekly episodes at

Download a short promo video at: and share it with your friends.


And I can use some NEW releases to play on the show, so send vinyl and CDs to
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204


13 09 2011
Bob Suren (13:39:20) :

In case you missed me, Pete and Shane spinning 2 hours of Florida punk on WMNF last night, here’s a link to download it:

And if you missed the first 3 hours we did in JULY, here’s the link for that

All in all, 5 hours of classic Florida punk.

And while you’re at it, check out my podcast at
streaming Tue 9PM EST at

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