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April 13th, 2010 by

One the treats of my day job as a photo editor is running into current and former punks in unexpected circumstances. Not too long ago, Jerry Redfern and his partner Karen J. Coates came in to show some amazing work they’re doing in Southeast Asia. Towards the end of the meeting, Jerry mentioned having been an old MRR reader. Small world.

Then, last week, Jerry sent me an email with the photo below.

…while in the bush, there was this kid standing by the side of the road with an Exploited/UKSubs shirt on. He had no idea what it said, but was happy I wanted to take his photo. The Barmy Army is everywhere. Thought you would appreciate it.


Laotian local with Exploited/UK Subs shirt. (photo ©2010/Jerry Redfern)

UPDATE: Shitworker Rob Coons also spent a little time in Laos and he ran across a similar shirt on his travels. The Barmy Army is everywhere…in Laos anyway.

(photo by Rob Coons)

Rob sez: I tried talking to her but she didn’t understand me at all. I also saw a dress shirt the next day with a patch of the Pushead drawing of the skull that is on the cover of Let’s Start A War. Sadly I did not get a picture of that one.

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13 04 2010
Dk (11:26:11) :

I think it’s a cool photo. To think that in other not so known parts of the world some kid is wearing another band’s t-shirt to only find out what it and punk says/means to them. Thus, maybe eventually unleashing new punk music from “new” parts of the world. I hope the “Barmy Army” syndrome continues to spread.

13 04 2010
VVMM (17:36:26) :

Aww, nice.

15 04 2010
Mike Beer (09:49:31) :

“Fuck Off Wankers” Thats sic!

15 04 2010
Ilyusha (22:59:27) :

Everybody around the world knows what means \fuck off\. May be cinema or songs, this is usually the only english words they knew. Except \hello\ and \goodbye\, I think. Not so good.

18 04 2010
Luk Haas (04:15:13) :

Reminds me of the 2 punks I met in Mauritius in 1989… punk T-shirts, but not a real idea of what punk was. Similarly, it was striking to see a kid in Kitgum, North Uganda, in 1997, wearing a “Symphony of Destruction” T-shirt, in the middle of the attacks by the Lord’s Resistance Army… but most people there were buying 2nd hand clothes in local markets, as they could not afford new ones. 2nd clothes are big business in Africa, and are shipped in bulk from the US and Europe… so plenty of rock T-shirts around, but nobady has any clue what they mean…

20 04 2010
Tony (00:46:59) :

I love that photo. Now that is a MRR cover in waiting.

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