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November 7th, 2009 by


I first heard of the Breeders (not the ex-Pixies band) on some website where their Zen Punk EP was compared to fellow Midwest bands Mecht Mensch and the State. Wow! That’s one way to get my attention quick. The record was one of the first I made a point of checking out the first time I visited the MRR record library. Now, I definitely wouldn’t say it lived up to the “hype” (if you could call it such), but it’s nevertheless a cool li’l 7″ and still pretty obscure.

There are two things I like about this EP. The first is how the two sides are so different — the A-side track, “Future Amnesia,” is sorta in between post-punk and “quirky” new wave. Amusingly, when the record was reviewed in the magazine (Issue #17, see below), this song was compared to Loverboy! Ha. I guess… but I still kinda like it, if only for the fact that it’s so incongruous to the other two songs. I dunno, maybe that’s what most of their other songs sounded like?


The other thing I like about this three-track EP is that one of the songs is called “Fuckheads (Uncool Slamming).” I mean, what more can you say about that?


Now, aren’t you curious what it sounds like? Well, listen for yourself:

1. Future Amnesia
2. Fuckheads (Uncool Slamming)
3. Zen Punk

And if you’ve got any info on the band, please post a comment!

8 responses to “From the Vaults: Uncool Slamming”

7 11 2009
Zen Punk (17:56:31) :

I don’t know much about this record Hubs, but I know you taped it for me and I love it. Maybe I love it ’cause it is so obscure. I have asked many people about this, few even know about it. I was ever so delighted to have found a copy, when I purchased a collection from an old punk in Adelaide, South Australia.

10 11 2009
FAB (13:24:03) :

Great generic thrash ! Who cares about the A -side ? Thanks for posting this one !

17 11 2009
Mike Beer (13:22:03) :

Thanks for posting this Chris.I agree this is a good one. I like the two different styles they had going. I wouldn’t compare it to Loverboy thought. If you liked that song on side A check out my friends band ‘My Three Sunz’ from back then.

22 11 2009
Fuckhead Number One (23:02:06) :

I’m one of the fuckheads the song of that title was about. This band is from Urbana, Illinois and the recording is from the early eighties when they were all in high school. “Fuckhead” status did not come so much from slamming in an uncool fashion as it did from thinking the base player was a twat.

3 01 2010
MuttLy (11:58:37) :

Great band. very eclectic, awesome live. A bit 70s Brit punk, a little straight up HC thrash and a bit dark post punk emo. No they were not all in High School just the drummer who was like 15.. They put out a cassette too which I lost yearss ago. arrrgh

21 07 2010
tp (14:09:31) :

I was in the band, and am totally excited to get this stuff on mp3- thanks MRR!
I have just been in the process of getting our cassette release (or what parts I can salvage in good quality) onto mp3’s. I can post a link here if folks are interested, or you can email me at tpurves(at)cca(dot)edu for a follow up….

24 08 2010
Kilwag (23:19:18) :

Hey Ted! I have a bunch of these singles that I rescued from the basement of Ten Shitty Guys before it was demolished. Included are some of the test pressings. I just spoke to Evil Tom the other day, actually Neil too.

25 08 2010
Former Breeder sings about skateboards « Skate and Annoy (10:03:36) :

[…] Kelley Deal from The Breeders and Kristian Svitak sing a jingle for Landshark wheels. There was a cool band in Illinois circa 82-83 called the Breeders. They had (among other things) some really good songs like Zen Punk and Uncool Slamming. You can download mp3′s of their 7″ with the band’s blessing from this article on Maximum Rock and Roll. […]

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