Video of the Week: 20/20 New Wave segment 1979

May 2nd, 2012 by

“Rock ‘n’ roll has always borrowed from the past and threatened the present.”

Whenever you come across these old TV news clips about punk/new wave on the interwebs you can always expect them to be ridiculously ill-informed and sensationalistic. While this one doesn’t paint a complete and 100% accurate picture of what was going on at the time (and who can say anyone has ever painted that picture?) it gives a surprisingly respectful and well-researched account of the state of the scene — at least the part was accessible to the general public at the time.* Considering the audience for this was Middle America 1979, the music actually seems pretty radical. Hopefully, it turned a bunch of kids on to something beyond their cloistered little worlds. As it says, “There’s always something going on you don’t know about”…

*MRR is anti-corporate rock and always has been. But we know that punk rock as it exists today owes a great deal to its forebears, many of whom were on major labels, so we’ll deal with it.

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3 05 2012
Dan (11:37:33) :

I remember Jan Yoneheiro did a thing on evening magazine, channel 5 on the mab and the banquet dinners around 78/ 79. I would like to find/see that again as i was in 6th grade and wanting get older faster. Probably right around Phantom of the Park on the tube. I dig the bald/glasses/sweater guy in this talking about why the clash is important. hmmm yees….i seee.

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