Video of the Week: Alien Kulture

February 24th, 2010 by

Alien Kulture

Paco played us this record a few years ago, and it became an MRR obsession, but I never even thought to look them up on YouTube… The perfect antidote to the endless parade of clueless punks who endorse Skrewdriver (“Only the early work/BlahBlah Blah”). As someone who grew up in Thatcher’s Britain, with the dark shadow of the National Front and Combat 18, that never sits right with me… The lyrics to “Culture Crossover” are so fucking great and punk — Alien Kulture rules…

You can read the Alien Kulture story on their website here or in the Observer here.

11 responses to “Video of the Week: Alien Kulture”

24 02 2010
Blair (21:37:01) :

Shit! (*Edited for radio stations), this exists, Awesome, Thanx Layla, ‘now, Sd’s early stuff’ huha, blog updated with kiwi shenaniguns, Ka Kite!

24 02 2010
cid miller (22:03:44) :

awesome post….more is better…MRR….is educational….

26 02 2010
Mimi (19:16:17) :

AWESOME. Have you ever seen “Mutiny,” Vivek Bald’s documentary about British South Asian punk and other musicians?

28 02 2010
Layla (12:03:00) :

No but i obviously need to!!

1 03 2010
Stuart (15:46:23) :

I mentioned AK in an article published in The Brooklyn Rail. Dig it.

6 03 2010
Gnars (14:49:38) :

Hey Mimi, where can I find that documentary?! Also, shit, this video is awesome.

6 03 2010
Gnars (14:52:38) :

Also, Layla, thanks for posting this on my bday. Best gift!

6 03 2010
Layla (16:15:44) :

happy birthday Gnars! Miss you! i shoulda posted “dansaer…. danser…”

7 03 2010
philg (22:43:34) :

the new radio show has skrewdriver on it – right after your post

8 03 2010
Layla (22:31:29) :

Man… I find that depressing. You have to remember that MRR is about 60-100 people all volunteering, all representing different ideas of what punk is or can be. While I feel repulsed by Skrewdriver, and the endless “ironic” worship of their shitty sounds and ideas, there’s always gonna be some barfly punk trying to “push buttons,” and yep that includes volunteers here.

11 03 2010
Mimi (12:49:15) :

“Mutiny” is having a hard time passing through toward distribution because of music rights (, but Vivek Bald frequently tours with the film.

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