Video of the Week: Conquest For Death

June 11th, 2010 by

This amazing video was made as a promo for CONQUEST FOR DEATH‘s tour of Africa(!) back in 2007. (See some awesome photos by Karoline Collins from that tour here.) The footage is from the band’s previous tours in Japan and the US. Count the jumps!

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11 06 2010
Blair (03:16:09) :

They were great in Arr orr Tear@ Roar!!!!, when i read/heard they went to South Africa I though geez they’ll go anywhere so why not here wampwah, they knew half of the country already haha and to have a guitar champion here, welll, I wish i wasn’t such a f up @ the time, the anecdotal conversation was odd i’m sure; but thats why I got outta dodge -‘your cities will burn’ and i hear pah , all cities are the same but they out energised the audience, not often that happens, in this land of dorks, I mean orcs, danke.

11 06 2010
Helge (11:04:18) :

…is this is a video-clip for promoting \kick-boxing\???

16 06 2010
Karl Bakla (16:38:12) :

This looks like a work out & more fun than a gym membership! I’m so fat I’m having a heart attack just thinking about listening to their 7″.

17 06 2010
BNB (07:49:17) :

Aside from the camouflage cargo shorts that’s a pretty sweeeeet little vid.

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