Video of the Week: Erin Yanke, punk rocker!

March 9th, 2012 by

Sometimes, someone comes along and says perfectly what you feel in your heart, but can’t articulate. Check out this video interview with the sagely Erin Yanke, punk drummer, KBOO/MRR radio personality, roadie, audio documentarian, ad infinitum, from Portland, OR, as she explains the beauty, allure, and value of punk better than anyone yet. In nine minutes, while wearing rubber gloves! Video of the week! and well worth nine minutes of your precious time.

6 responses to “Video of the Week: Erin Yanke, punk rocker!”

10 03 2012
pops normal (20:52:41) :


13 03 2012
golnar (18:43:52) :

Awesome! Erin is the best!

15 03 2012
Steve (07:31:44) :

That was awesome! As someone in their 30s, I found this video to be very inspirational!

16 03 2012
Larry Livermore (23:47:39) :

Yay Erin Yanke! Living proof that some good things come out of Eureka! Not just good things, great things!!

18 03 2012
Andrew Kirby (16:34:53) :

Went to high school and was friends with Erin (she ws even with me when I totaled my first car) and glad to see she has still has a great positive energy, and although changed in terms of age, still has a great teenage heart. Awesome Erin!

4 04 2012
Heather Jones (15:43:43) :

This is right on! What IS more mainstream than misogyny? This interview is awesome!

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