Video of the Week: Fanzines en Lima

July 19th, 2011 by

This is one of those rare things that is simultaneously cute as hell and punk as fuck. Not much needs to be said about it, as not much is said in it. Just watch and enjoy… And it’s okay to giggle and clap your hands like I did while watching it…

The “star” of this video, Victor, does a blog at, and there’s another cool zine-related video on there.

9 responses to “Video of the Week: Fanzines en Lima”

19 07 2011
dr goku (17:59:38) :

“This is one of those rare things that is simultaneously cute as hell and punk as fuck” pinches punks primermundistas

19 07 2011
Paul (18:08:16) :

“Fucking first-world punks”? It would’ve been just as cute and just as punk if it were made here in the states or anywhere else. I meant it as the highest praise. Cute punx por vida!

19 07 2011
Jal (19:48:24) :

Grande Victor!!!! Eres todo un máximo Rock&Roller! :P

20 07 2011
Kolera (12:17:35) :


20 07 2011
Entes Anomicos (12:38:16) :

im so happy to see it here,the fanzine world in Peru is nothing new, and is based on the hard work of people like victor and other bunch of guys and girls that use the fanzine as a medium to express themself

20 07 2011
Brendan (13:03:59) :

Fucking flip-flops and pajama pants– the only way to make zines.

21 07 2011
magaly jarkor (08:50:18) :

ala ke figureti ese chibolo, has las cosas nomas

21 07 2011
Mikimakay (13:45:38) :

Bien ahí, caraxo!! Difundiendo el trabajo de la gente que hace algo por la movida.

22 07 2011
Is@@c (08:56:29) :

Yeah, that’s definitely the way it is in my country. I’m an antifa skin who’s been living in the States for many years but whenever I go back to Peru, I admire the way that people still carry on the diy spirit which many have forgotten here….There’s no stupid stores like Hot Topic for people to get mass produced corporate “punk” items and so kids do it all themselves, the way that it used to be here in the 80s and early 90s. Of course, there’s still many here that are DIY like those that read MRR and Profane Existence, among others, but there are others that sadly are into punk as a trend and then go on to the next…..thanks for the article on Kostolom by the way. A true revolutionary and antifa warrior….like Oi Polloi said, BASH THE FASH!!!

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