Video of the Week: Masshysteri

January 20th, 2010 by

It’s great when it’s hard to explain why a band is so awesome. It means something new and larger than words is at work in their music. Umeå, Sweden’s MASSHYSTERI is that awesome. The elements are easy enough to lay out. There are the surf-drenched guitars, the complementary lady/dude vocals and the rock ‘n’ roll frenzy of X, some of what has been brewing in Denmark and Sweden over the last decade with bands like GORILLA ANGREB, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, and the ashes from which this band sprang: THE VICIOUS. But there is something more than that here too. It’s tuneful hooks that grab you and drag you into bleak and feral songs that threaten to pull you in two once you’ve been snared. It’s simultaneously melancholy, frantic, and joyfully danceable. It’s something wild and new and wholly it’s own.

For a taste, here’s a video for one of their iconic songs, “Tvivel,” that is totally simple in concept, but spellbinding to watch. What would it look like to undo the damage of war, to rewind, unbomb, unkill? Plus, how many punk bands actually have concept music videos, not just blown-out YouTube clips?

6 responses to “Video of the Week: Masshysteri”

21 01 2010
Blair (03:38:13) :

You have good taste in music, we have similar taste haha, amusin simple video, reminded me of the energy of the damned! too dare i say it

23 01 2010
Alekoc (07:03:30) :

good one!

23 01 2010
"Crustin" (11:54:26) :

Very cool, the end is perfect. It would be nice to see more bands using video and other media within the relm of “punk rock”. It’s 2010, I just turned 30-c’mon everyone, were FUTURE PUNX! Thanks for putting this up!

7 02 2010
Marty Roberts (09:15:02) :

I came across this the same week that Howard Zinn died. I think he´d have liked it. Nice workVanskrot!

25 02 2010
muzz (09:23:37) :

They’re a pop band, check out the pop that stemmed out of the punk scene of their city and you’ll notice it will sound about the same. And I guess you’ll like it.

1 04 2010
jag (04:29:13) :

reminds me of a scene from kurt vonegut’s slaughterhouse-five

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