Video of the Week: Television Sect

June 23rd, 2011 by

What have our old buddies Daigo Oliva and Mateus Mondini of Fodido e Xerocado zine from Brazil been up to lately, you ask? A lot! In addition to continuing to take exciting photos of punx and punk bands, they’ve been doing a bit o’ street art (wheat-pasting big photos on walls), one of them (Mateus) opened a record store, and now they’re making a video zine… Goddamn, dudes, slow down!

You can watch more of their videos here, and contact them at

2 responses to “Video of the Week: Television Sect”

24 06 2011
Ruivo (08:16:28) :

9min: I love the way she does the air guitar and the running, hahaha.

By the way, Daigo (from Fodido e Xerocado) never does the publicity, but he also plays bass in Naifa. We’re releasing an LP this year, check out 2 of the new songs here:

27 06 2011
Blair (06:30:22) :

B Job Spamma Hair, rulin! i was abit skep @ first but they won me over, punk! wonder wat the hardcore and ‘crusty’ kids wud care about thinking.

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