Video of the week: That sympathetic look

November 4th, 2009 by

There are so many classic scenes in Peter Stuart and Adam Small’s 1982 punk rock-umentary Another State of Mind that it’s hard to pick just one. I like this scene because it’s a good example of how this film simultaneously shows how awesome and how lame punk rock was in old days. People like to glorify this era, and even though I absolutely love Mommy’s Little Monster and lots of other Social Distortion stuff, it’s funny to see how hilariously pathetic Mike Ness was, while still being a little bit of, well, a “sympathetic” character. (Love the the rad jump to the stumble into the drum kit!) I’d highly recommend repeated viewings of this classic punk historical document. Possibly even better than Decline

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4 11 2009
Dave B. (22:28:52) :

As much as “punks” give Mike Ness shit, it seems to me he has lived his life on his own terms and fuck everyone else. That seems pretty punk rock to me.

5 11 2009
Paul (11:00:36) :

Lots of people live on their own terms and “fuck everyone else,” and I wouldn’t call them punk at all. Anyway, I wasn’t saying he’s not punk, just that he’s a dork. And I still kinda love him for that.

5 11 2009
M.O.E. (13:26:06) :

Great movie! Worth watching on DVD with the commentary from the Stern brothers and also the one with the director/producer or whatever. Kinda funny/sad to know how much of the footage was scripted/shot out of sequence and then added in for extra effect. Love Mike Ness in the actual movie (“I know these songs…. *stares at hand*…. like my mother”) but the commentary from him is boring. I think he thought he was just supposed to sit down and watch the movie. :P

5 11 2009
Ken Cheppaikode (14:21:19) :

I heard they edited out some of the more idiotic Mike Ness footage in the DVD reissue, which came out on Mike Ness’ label.

Either way, I loved this movie, taped it off USA Night Flight in the mid-80s, and have watched it dozens of times since.

5 11 2009
Dave B. (22:16:05) :

You are correct Paul. I maybe didn’t write exactly what I meant above, certainly wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth.

The scene you picked has to be painful for Mike Ness to watch now that he has become more of a grumpy old man (whether he is a punk or not).

8 11 2009
Blair (02:11:23) :

Can we mention the M word, na i won’t, agree with all sentiments left in comments and yep def worth a look time and again

11 11 2009
Ariel Awesome (02:19:44) :

uh, pray tell, what is this “M” word you speak of?

17 11 2009
Mike Beer (13:08:38) :

I don’t think that’s pathetic. Dude was just doing his thing and having fun.

17 04 2010
Owen (22:42:55) :

Holy Crap, he was the original emo cryer! “It kinda looks like you have been crying”. So he ruins 2 styles of music with this scene. I agree with Paul, he certainly has a place in punk rock history, but let’s not overvalue it.

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