Where the blog is at?

May 28th, 2010 by

Possibly Mark Murrmann

Sorry things are lagging behind a little here on MRR.com this week. The absence of the Monday Photo Blog threw us off a bit. What happened to the photo blog, you ask? That’s what we wanted to know too, so we did some research and figured out that some dude name Mark Murrmann (alias “icki”) is supposed to be in charge of said weekly web feature. Further research showed that it’s quite possible that he’s currently traveling with the re-formed X of Australia, who are on tour of the western US, and playing a little-known DIY fest in Austin, TX, called Chaos in Tejas this week.

Our crack team of internet sleuths also discovered a handy website called Google, where we dug up even more dirt on the elusive “blogger.” Turns out he’s been known to take a few pictures himself, and he’s recently published some kind of book! One website, The Rumpus, even managed to talk to him…

We’ll keep investigating. Keep checking in, and hopefully by next week we’ll have gotten to the bottom of this.

Airfix Kits (photo by icki, used without permission)

Clorox Girls (photo by icki, used without permission)


One response to “Where the blog is at?”

28 05 2010
Blair (19:35:24) :

Lucky bastard!, ‘luck has nothing to do with it’, tell em ta cum ere, he’s 1 of ma faves but X 2 ‘yall! go the icky.

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