Where the magic happens…

March 11th, 2011 by

Come with us, won’t you, for a look behind the curtain. Here’s an eerily accurate diagram by our UK correspondent Bryony Beynon, showing the inner workings of the MRR headquarters. Speaking as another long-distance shitworker, I can tell you it’s just like being there! I just hope this doesn’t fall into the wring hands…

5 responses to “Where the magic happens…”

14 03 2011
Gnars (00:33:09) :

I love that the B-Sides LP is sitting out by the coords station. Ridic!

14 03 2011
Layla (09:43:08) :

we found about ten of them in the crawl space that week!

14 03 2011
Christopher Lunsford (18:07:31) :

Amazing compound! What are the records encased in? They’re all green

15 03 2011
Dk (00:03:51) :

So this is what it looks like. Man, look at all those records. And that coffee. I bet that’s strong coffee. Swell compound.

15 03 2011
Cissie (17:58:29) :

Three sides of each record are taped with green duct tape. If you ever see a record like this in a store it was probably once part of the MRR collection and most likely purged by Tim as “not punk.” That coffee is Folgers disgusting-ness and it’s about four years old. Still keeps the shitworkers going though!

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