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Vomit Pigs

MRR Radio #1587 • 12/10/17

This week Matt pulls some rarities out of the vault to make the scums and punks drool. Intro song: STENGTE DØRER ...

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MRR Radio #1586 • 12/3/17

On this week's MRR Radio, Rob goes ballistic for late '70s and early '80s Bloodstains punk rock from around the ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #416 • Jan 2018

Another new year, another exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll! MRR #416, our January 2018 issue, begins with a sad note as we ...

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"Who gives a fuck?"

MRR Radio #1585 • 11/26/17

“[...] Elvis gives them a short speech about the death pangs that humanity must go through in order to reach ...

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MRR Radio #1584 • 11/19/17

Another fuct up Rotten Ron and Horrrible Halitosis Punker Power Hour. Intro song: DRUGCHARGE - Husk Rotten Ron fucks it up so you ...

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Monday Photo Blog: Lebeden Toten!

November 16th, 2009 by
Lebenden Toten @ Mala Sangre House, El Monte, California. 10 January 2009 (photo by Don Seki)

Lebenden Toten @ Mala Sangre House, El Monte, California. 10 January 2009
(photo by Don Seki)

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New Band Spotlight: Frozen Teens

November 12th, 2009 by

On a recent road trip I had the great fortune of happening upon a totally awesome new band: FROZEN TEENS. Since they’re from Minneapolis, I can’t help thinking they sound a bit like the great SUICIDE COMMANDOS with a little early REPLACEMENTS vibe… but with very much their own unique sound. The ‘Teens infectiously memorable demo sounds strangely timeless — like it was recorded in the far past — or on another planet. And the lyrics make you shiver with their simple brilliance. This CD was on constant repeat for the whole trip home, and if you don’t know: it takes a really, really long time to drive from Minnesota to California.

FrozenTeens1 FrozenTeens2

You can hear Frozen Teens on their MySpace, but here’s a track they don’t have on there. It rules.

Frozen Teens – “Hopeless City” MP3

P.S. The drummer, Ski, just let me know that they recently recorded nine more songs. Can’t wait to hear ’em!

Monday Photo Blog: Indonesia Calling

November 9th, 2009 by
Armada Racun at Rock Ahir Pekan, Gampingan; Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Armada Racun at Rock Ahir Pekan, Gampingan; Yogyakarta, Indonesia (photo by Wandi Rana)

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MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #319 • December 2009


For this month’s cover feature/tongue twister we’ve got “Punk On Kuollut, Eläköön Hardcore” a retrospective of the birth of Finnish hardcore! Also in this issue: interviews with early ’80s hardcore legends, THE FIX; Pittsburgh hardcore miscreants SLICES; the Midwestern-by-way-of-Russian PINK REASON; and Dubai’s first punk band, GANDHI’S COOKBOOK. We have San Francisco sounds covered with interviews with the NODZZZ and post-punk- and C86-influenced BRILLIANT COLORS. We’ve also got the Messthetical SCROTUM POLES, the classic Northwestern punk sound provided by GUN OUTFIT from Olympia, and some Canadian hardcore courtesy of POSITIVE NOISE. All of this plus a Goner Fest photo spread, and of course all the usual columns, news, and more punk rock reviews than you can possibly conceive of!

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From the Vaults: Uncool Slamming

November 7th, 2009 by


I first heard of the Breeders (not the ex-Pixies band) on some website where their Zen Punk EP was compared to fellow Midwest bands Mecht Mensch and the State. Wow! That’s one way to get my attention quick. The record was one of the first I made a point of checking out the first time I visited the MRR record library. Now, I definitely wouldn’t say it lived up to the “hype” (if you could call it such), but it’s nevertheless a cool li’l 7″ and still pretty obscure.

There are two things I like about this EP. The first is how the two sides are so different — the A-side track, “Future Amnesia,” is sorta in between post-punk and “quirky” new wave. Amusingly, when the record was reviewed in the magazine (Issue #17, see below), this song was compared to Loverboy! Ha. I guess… but I still kinda like it, if only for the fact that it’s so incongruous to the other two songs. I dunno, maybe that’s what most of their other songs sounded like?


The other thing I like about this three-track EP is that one of the songs is called “Fuckheads (Uncool Slamming).” I mean, what more can you say about that?


Now, aren’t you curious what it sounds like? Well, listen for yourself:

1. Future Amnesia
2. Fuckheads (Uncool Slamming)
3. Zen Punk

And if you’ve got any info on the band, please post a comment!