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Vomit Pigs

MRR Radio #1587 • 12/10/17

This week Matt pulls some rarities out of the vault to make the scums and punks drool. Intro song: STENGTE DØRER ...

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MRR Radio #1586 • 12/3/17

On this week's MRR Radio, Rob goes ballistic for late '70s and early '80s Bloodstains punk rock from around the ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #416 • Jan 2018

Another new year, another exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll! MRR #416, our January 2018 issue, begins with a sad note as we ...

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"Who gives a fuck?"

MRR Radio #1585 • 11/26/17

“[...] Elvis gives them a short speech about the death pangs that humanity must go through in order to reach ...

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MRR Radio #1584 • 11/19/17

Another fuct up Rotten Ron and Horrrible Halitosis Punker Power Hour. Intro song: DRUGCHARGE - Husk Rotten Ron fucks it up so you ...

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June 30th, 2015 by

“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, check out some killer new shit…

Band name:

Date & location formed:
June 2014 / Mexico City

Reason for forming:
Trying to save another band cause the vocalist had to leave, Michelle replaced him but then the drummer left too so Benja came in and we all decided to start a new band.

What are your lyrics about?
About human race being a failure, thats also why we choose our name, failed species.

How would you describe your sound?
Pat Benatar with more blastbeats.

What’s in the future for this band?
We are working on new songs for a new recording and we would like to tour more!

Especie Fallida (photo by Chihiro Yoshikawa)

Especie Fallida (photo by Chihiro Yoshikawa)

Links and contact info:


Band name:

Date & location formed:
2013 in Chico, CA.

Reason for forming:
My friend Tommy and I (miles) both moved to Chico CA around the same time, so Tommy asked me if I’d be down to form an 80’s sounding LA hardcore band with him. He asked his other friends Sawyer and Bryan to join too and everything glued together quickly after that. What at first started as just a fun band on the side of our other bands has quickly turned into a very serious project.

Criminal Wave (photo by Mikey Guzman)

Criminal Wave (photo by Mikey Guzman)

What are your lyrics about?
Anxiety, skateboarding, paranoia, rage, escaping dead ends, and the Lost Boys.

How would you describe your sound?
80’s LA hardcore punk in the vein of TSOL and the Adolescents

What’s in the future for this band?
We plan to tour the southwest this winter, and we are also working on getting our new album “Rural Savages” pressed on LP. Anyone interested? :)

Links and contact info:


Defiant Teen

Defiant Teen

Band name:

Date & location formed:
Sometime 2014. Long Island.

Reason for forming:
Got bored of sports.

What are your lyrics about?

How would you describe your sound?
Noisy. Falling apart/taped together.

What’s in the future for this band?
Shows. More songs.

Links and contact info:


Do you have or know of an awesome new band*? It’s easy to submit to be in MRR’s New Blood feature — just email us the following info, and keep keeping’ it real…

1) Band name:
2) Date & location formed:
3) Reason for forming:
4) What are your lyrics about?
5) How would you describe your sound?
6) What’s in the future for this band?
7) Links and contact info:

Along with the answers please send a band photo at least 600px on the longest side (with photo credits), and a logo if you have one, to:

*By “new band” we mean a band that formed within the past year or year and a half.

Maximum Rocknroll #387 • Aug 2015


It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #387, the August 2015 issue! Philadelphia’s SHEER MAG discuss livin’ in the city and their new record, CADAVER EM TRANSE (featuring a member of RAKTA) talk about life in the concrete jungle of São Paolo, and JUANITA Y LOS FEOS give us a taste of life in Madrid. The mind behind BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS and GIORGIO MURDERER provides a window into his madness through a two-part interview with Eric Oblivian and Layla Gibbon. The NO-TALENTS prepare for their upcoming reunion tour, Stockholm’s DATA CONTROL still love HÜSKER DÜ, and Bob Suren and the VICTIM PARTY reflect on growing older in punk. And Aklasan Records talks Filipino hardcore distribution and promotion in the United States! Plus, a photo spread from Boston’s Smash It Dead fest by Angela Owens and a cover by Cretins of Distortion creator and MRR columnist Emmy Ramone. And, as always, all the columnists you love to hate and the most extensive record, book, zine, demo and film review sections in punk print!

Buy MRR #387

Download this issue of MRR for only $2.99!!
Download this issue of MRR

Blast From the Past: Hex Dispensers

June 29th, 2015 by

This originally ran in MRR #318/Nov ‘09, which you can grab here

I’ve been buying punk records for 25 years. I’ve heard a lot of good shit. There’s only a couple of bands that are so good that they stand head and shoulders above anything thtas come before. The Hex Dispensers are one of them. Their new LP has been on my turntable almost every day since it came out. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you I’ve listened to a hundred times. The band defy genre…. They have the hooks of the Ramones, darkness of the Wipers with some fucking Danzig/Elvis shit going on. They are the sum of four parts; Alyse’s super tight tribal drumming, Tom’s guitar backbone, Dave’s rolling basslines and slick stage moves topped off with Alex’s crazy blues slides and unique vocals. I’m not even going to go into the ‘ex bands’ bullshit…. They have of course done a ton of good shit previous – how else would they be this good? On top of being a great band they are real fucking people. Along with the Marked Men this band would play my wedding or my funeral.

Interview by Logan Worrell


MRR: What do each of you do in the band?
Tom: I play guitar.
Dave: Bass.
Alex: I sing and play guitar.
Alyse: Drums.
Alex: Dave sings too, sometimes.
Alyse: I sing backup
Alex: Alyse sings also.
Dave: Badly.


MRR: Why’d you guys decide to start a band with each other?
Tom: We were already in a band together and it seemed like a great idea at that point.
Alex: Alyse, Tom, and I were in a band called This Damn Town, and it was winding down. We decided that we weren’t going to do it anymore because we just hit a wall with it, but we decided that we wanted to keep playing together.
Alyse: Because it worked great
Alex: Yeah, because we have a good rapport. I mean Alyse and I better have a good rapport, we’re married. But we like Tom, kind of, and we thought we wanted to keep playing with him. So we started another band to see how it would go and we liked where it was going,
Dave: You just wanted Tom’s brisket to be within arms reach.
Alex: Basically, yeah.
Tom: Brisket is going to come up in every interview.
Dave: That’s kind of a huge part.


Photo: Canderson

Photo: Canderson

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Monday Photo Blog: Nora Godoy

June 29th, 2015 by

Nora Godoy sent us a few photos to help get the summer kicked into gear at the  Monday Photo Blog. A couple band shots, Charged SS, and DHK, as well as what’s happening beyond the edge of the stage, or perimeter of the band, if they happen to be playing on the floor.

Punks in the slam pit. (photo by Nora Godoy)

DHK. (photo by Nora Godoy)

More action on the floor. (photo by Nora Godoy)

Charged SS. (photo by Nora Godoy)

Send your tour photos, bands that have come through your town, the best of your local bands, etc. to: . Include your name, a link to your website (or flickr, Facebook, or whatever), and the band (or subject), date and location of each photo. Just send your best photos — edit tightly. Three to seven photos is plenty, and it’s best to send pictures of different bands. Please do not send watermarked photos. Please make your photos 72 dpi and about 600–800 pixels at the longest side. Not everything sent in will be posted, and a response is not guaranteed, but we do appreciate all of your contributions. Feel free to submit more than once. Thanks!

Blast From the Past: The Younger Lovers

June 28th, 2015 by

This originally ran in MRR #317, October 2009, that issue is sold out but you can download it here

The Younger Lovers is Brontez Purnell’s solo project. Me, Brontez and Ramdasha sat together in Central Park to do this interview while the Younger Lovers played shows in NYC this past May. That was me & Ramdasha’s first time hanging out even though we’d had our eyes on each other for at least a couple years cuz you always wanna know who the other black punk kids are when you see them around. Feeling super connected, like old friends, we both talked to Brontez about his newest band, his writing and about the experiences that made him who he is today. He’s added so much personality to every band he’s ever been in and now he’s pouring every ounce of it into his own project and it is de-lic-ious.
Interview by Osa & Ramdasha


MRR: When did the Younger Lovers start?
Brontez: It started in 2003. I was in Panty Raid and then we broke up, but there was this song I’d already written for that band, “Sha-Boo-Lee.” I was really into that song and I just told myself that I should still record it by myself. Then I was like, “Why don’t I record a bunch of songs?” I have this friend Vice who was/is in XBXRX. We moved from Alabama to California together. He was recording stuff at this place called Club Short and I was like, “Can you record my EP for free?” and he was like, “Sure!” and so it kicked off then.


MRR: The thing I like about the Younger Lovers is that there’s so much of your personality in all of those songs. So when you first wrote “Sha-Boo-Lee” did you have a concept for the kind of music you wanted to make or did that happen naturally?
Brontez: In this weird, metaphysical way, I say both. I knew I wanted to hear cute pop shit again, and I knew I wanted it to be lo-fi because you don’t hear stuff that sounds raw anymore. So intentionally, I wanted it to sound like… I dunno, fucking Motown but on my terms.

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