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Tim Yohannan (spell it right!) was Maximum Rocknroll’s founder. He died on April 3, 1998, at the age of 52. Read more about Tim in the links and comments below. If you have any more photos of Tim or links we can share, please send them to

George Tabb’s IRON PROSTATE playing “Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia” live at CBGB. Special introduction by the late, great Tim Yohannan…

Tim Yo’s Wikipedia page
Our Tim Yohannan Facebook page
A nice piece about a Fresno punk’s times with Tim and MRR, by Dale Stewart.
A reminiscence from Mike Lavella of Gearhead zine
Obituary by Aaron Cometbus, from Slingshot magazine
And another, from Salon.com (yeah, another one with his name spelled wrong)
An interview with Tim from Tilt! zine (thanks Brob!)
A memorial site/message board type thing, set up on the day Tim passed away. Lots to read and laugh and cry about.
And (WTF?) an obit in Rolling Stone!

[And again, for the record, it’s spelled Tim Yohannan, not Tim Yohannon!]

5 responses to “Tim Yo”

11 07 2010
Rotten Ron (16:50:38) :

It took years for me to warm up to Tim Yo. You know there was that whole fuck MRR and there pc nazi hunting bullshit. Dogging the Fuck Ups, FUs!!?? But I did tape that radio show alot and got turned on to some trippy shit. Who did that song “you’re just a tool used by the klan” Anyway he put my shitty super un pc band on his top ten which got a good review?!!!? Later I met one of my most bested friend Marian Anderson(RIP XXX000) who we started a crazy band together. Tim and Marian had a long sorted thingy and he came to all are shows and was an awesome dude. Remember I was at a show at Paradise Lounge Tim Yo and Wendy O were both dead. Me and my friends cried and got shitfaced and smashed it up. I cherish my brief talks with him like when I ate french onion soup with him and Jon Von and others. Marian had a little shrine with his hat and cigar up at her place in LA that I and my girl then lived with at the time. When she died I think her evil mom threw out his things like trash. HATE HER. Well blah blah blah….MISS YOU TIM!

24 08 2010
bobby madness (06:43:59) :

holy shnikes!mrr online!?i dont believe it!do me a favor and call me if anything interesting happens

28 12 2010
bobby madness (13:54:48) :

i did not say\holy shnikes!mrr online?write me if anything happens\,on the mrr comment board.its some fraudelent hacker person,and has nothing whatsoever to do with me,the real bobby madness,who would say something more like\so fucking what,i dont give a shit if mrr is on the roof blowing hookers\

21 09 2011
Katy Odell (15:26:46) :

My God, watching that video made me choke up. I don’t know when that was taken, but it’s exactly how I remember Tim. I didn’t think I’d ever hear his voice and see him talk, again.

Also, I can totally smell his cigarettes, again, just watching that. Love it. Thank you.

20 10 2014

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