MRR #343 • December 2011

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Yes, another issue of MRR is hot off the presses: #343, the December 2011 issue! This issue features McAllen, TX, punks PORKERIA discussing punk, bilingualism, and how they keep their small scene alive, and, in an interview just before her passing, POLY STYRENE talks with MRR about her involvement in Rock Against Racism. DESCARADOS discuss their approach to punk through a Latino lens and the development of their sound. Classic Swedish D-beat, raw punk pioneers E.A.T.E.R. talk about their reformation, latest tour and what has changed for them in the many years that they have been punks. The founders of Katorga Works give us their story and method behind running a DIY label, while PEACE OR ANNIHILATION gives us a glimpse of Indonesian punk and D-beat, and the fabled UNWANTED CHRISTMAS PRESENTS tell us how they came to be and how they developed their unique garage sound. Brazilian raw punks DEATH FROM ABOVE talk about touring and the scene in Brazil, pop punkers RESIST HER TRANSISTOR deliver a quick and funny interview, and all-star band SEVERANCE PACKAGE discuss their origins and their continued punk lives. All of this plus the most extensive review section in punk rock, and all the columnists you love to hate! Get it now!

BONUS SHIT FOR YOU PUNX: Here are two audio clips from the Porkeria interview that appears in this issue. The first is a crazy story about a show they played in Mexico. The second is talking about singing in Spanish and the rise in popularity of Spanish language punk:

PORKERIA on playing in Mexico.
PORKERIA on singing in Spanish.



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