MRR Radio #1481 • 11/29/15

November 29th, 2015 by

Lydia goes solo, has a nervous breakdown revelation and decides to flee the country. Behold a botched personal retrospective with a bunch of records, bands and labels she’s been obsessing over recently. Some are new, some are old, some may or may not be on her Year End Top Ten for the wretched year 2015.

Lydia jams some of her 2015 obsessions and then some

Lydia jams some of her 2015 obsessions and then some

El Nuevo Sonido Balear
ORDEN MUNDIAL – Desesperanza

Early Morning Street Fighting OST
SANG – Hem Perdut la Vida
LA MISMA – Kanizadi

“Write a Manifesto, Write a Shopping List”
DIÄT – Young and Successful
SPERMA – Züri Punx
THE SUBURBAN HOMES – Conformity in the UK

Trip to Oi! Land
RIXE – Infatigables
SYNDROME 81 – Contre Vents et Marées
NO TAG – Legalised Dogs

No Peace for the Wicked
FRAU – No Time
VOĈO PROTESTA – Rasisto Bastardo
TRAU – Me Vull Equivocar

Music to Have Sex to
TELEDENTE 666 – Panned Sexe

Positive Ecstasy
IMPALERS – Tracers
S.H.I.T. – Bliss
THE LOWEST FORM – Negative Ecstasy

Fresh of the Press
CØNDITIØN – Beckoning Reaper

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3 responses to “MRR Radio #1481 • 11/29/15”

29 11 2015
HUMBA! (09:31:24) :

Hey Lydia!

You played some great stuff.

Radical “hooligan” greetings from Greece

30 11 2015
Lydiya (12:51:45) :

@HUMBA! Thanks malakas! See you in December!

ALSO! A correction: the Strasbourg song I played is called Jaguar, not Sangria!

1 12 2015
HUMBA! (06:51:07) :

@Lydiya you know were to find us. We are waiting for you. Hands only.

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