MRR Radio #1226 • 1/8/11

January 9th, 2011 by

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THIS WEEK: Everybody fucks up their set somehow and the world fails to end. A good time is still had by all though, because all the songs rule. Starring Fred and Tosh and Langford. Fuck God, Lets Punk!


Suzi Quatro

Intro song:
SOPORS – It Turns Me On

Fred – It’s the Apocalypse
FIRESTARTER – Saturday Night Is the End of the World
REYNOLDS FAMILY – Eyeball Skeleton
DEFECT DEFECT – Fuck God Let’s Punk
SPECTRES – Pattern Recognition

Tosh – All Q’s
QUAILS – Atmosphere
QUARANTINE – Boxes of Cords
QUEERS – Feeling Groovy
QUEEN COBRA – Shake Your Booty
SUZI QUATRO – 48 Crash

Langford – Records of +2 Speed
ZOMBIE DOGS – Nerd in the Pit
ANAL WARHEAD – Destroy the World
HOMEOWNERS – Filthy Lips

Fred – My World Is My Mind
SIOUX – Beijing Welcomes You
INJECTIONS – Prison Walls
ROUGH KIDS – Into the 00’s
DERBY DOLLS – Teaparty

Outro song:
OUTLOOK – Turn It Off

4 responses to “MRR Radio #1226 • 1/8/11”

9 01 2011
Bryony (14:20:46) :

tell me more about the Reynolds family song, the internet wants me to believe they are a bluegrass gospel gruppe! nein!

9 01 2011
Layla (20:58:04) :

That was a record sent to us, an edition of I think 30? It’s their family’s Christmas card. I don;t think they are an actual family band, I think that was a one off!

11 01 2011
Blair (20:25:08) :

Queen Cobra!, ‘ Hell ‘Fuckin Rumble ! ‘, Goonies For Life! you Homeowners!, “You’re all a bunch of queers!”, ” Lets run with The Dogs Tonight in Suburbia! “, it’s ArseteaRRoarrr calling!! bacon mmm, I ‘m still a bit
‘ Gobsmakt ‘ you played Suzi Quatro, maybe the world is finally changing for the better

12 01 2011
Dk (19:17:51) :

Cool soundtrack for the end of the world, guys. Loved the debate over the “ALL” album too. heh

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