MRR Radio #1227 • The Best of 2010 Special!

January 15th, 2011 by

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It’s MRR Radio’s annual “Best Of'” special, featuring Paul, Layla, Dan, Hal, and Ariel!


White Lung

Intro song:

Paul’s 2010 faves
VAASKA – Libertad
DE HØJE HAELE – 9 Gange I Traek
RAYOS X – Mi Desorden
ARCTIC FLOWERS – Technicolor Haze
1981 – Faster & Forward

Dan destroys Paul’s “no distortion” rule
LA VOZ – No Mas
WHITE LUNG – Atlanta
SCEPTRES – Flatline Generation
MAYDAY – Blüd Beach

Hal – Hell yeah!
SHARP OBJECTS – Left Without a Heart
CUTE LEPERS – Fall to Pieces
CRISIS HOTLINES – Flying Razorblades
BILL COLLECTORS – Hole in the City
MODERN ACTION – Molotov Solution

Layla – All Spanish Ladies Spending Loud Night 2010!
RATAS DEL VATICANO – Cancer de Prostrata
WEIRD TV – Canalla
CRIATURAS – Menturas
LAS SEÑORAS – Ansiedad Cerebral
TUBERCULOSIS – Disanfrandose

Ariel’s Top One 2010
SWANN DANGER – Thee Mighty Fall

3 responses to “MRR Radio #1227 • The Best of 2010 Special!”

17 01 2011
Flowerchild (15:34:49) :

Are you gonna do a Pt. 2, like last year?

17 01 2011
MRR Web Coordinator (16:19:38) :

Hmm, good idea. We’ll see!

2 02 2011
Mouseboy (06:27:06) :

Hey I noticed you like Vaaska, and Criaturas. I was wondering if you have ever heard Eddie (from vaaska, criaturas, bsa, deskonocidos) first band. Filthy Fuckers. from 2001. they only ever recorded one demo in 2003. recorded in a cafe. here is a RAR of the demo

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