MRR #436 • September 2019


  • What’s Left?

    If you can’t tell the difference between glorification and ridicule—does it matter? —Spencer Sunshine I read recently that San Francisco’s Financial District, called “Wall Street West,” is being downgraded. The district is both downsizing economically and shrinking physically. Financial services are moving online and it’s just too damned expensive for employees in downtown banking and […]

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  • No More Bad Future

    I saw Bikini Kill play at Brixton Academy last week. The former music hall has a sloping floor, I had the distinct impression of nearly falling but not quite, tripped up by strangely apt gradients. I was too young to be an OG riot grrrl and way too into the Cro-Mags to ever find my way […]

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  • Welcome to the Fuckin’ Future!

    Welcome to the fuckin’ future! No more ink-stained fingers, no more magazines lost in the mail, no more having to wait a month to see your column in print because somebody forgot to run it…you know, the future isn’t that bad if you really think about it. Of course, life isn’t all cyber-rainbows and byte-rflies […]

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  • Ultra-radical punk teachers!

    SHAMELESS PLUG: This column has blossomed into a new book: Teaching Resistance: Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Cultural Subversives in the Classroom, coming out this October on esteemed imprint PM Press! Check out the slick promo video (with a soundtrack from THE MINUTEMEN, thanks Mike Watt) and presale link right here! Ultra-radical punk teachers! Yes, I […]

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Articles / Interviews

  • Preening Interview

    Preening presently thrives as this wonderfully terse and honking punk act from Oakland, California. The band members—Alejandra Alcala (bass/vox), Sam Lefebvre (drums) and Max Nordile (sax/vox)—are all fixtures in various local punk and punk-adjacent communities, each playing in multiple bands, making art and actively assessing and reshaping things from the inside.

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Book Reviews

  • About Anarchism Nicolas Walter

    Nicolas Walter was born in England in 1934 to a family of dissenters. He wrote or edited for a number of radical rags in the early 60s until he retired in the early 00s. Although the following story is a digression I think it might best exemplify the author’s credentials as mentioned in his daughter’s […]

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  1. Mean Jeans
  2. Celebrity Handshake
  3. Flashlights
  4. Cereal Killer
  5. Meatbot
  6. The Mentally Ill
  7. Dots
  8. Let Rage!
  9. Hierophants
  10. Taiwan Housing Project
  11. Rigorous Institution
  12. Aluminum Knot Eye
  13. Hepcat Dilemma
  14. Retortion Terror
  15. Worm
  16. Scrap Brain
  17. Obsessions
  18. Chilton
  19. Ufosekte
  20. Pura Crema
  21. Glue Traps
  22. Четыре Таракана
  23. Gonzo
  24. The Nods
  25. Current Affairs
  26. Kinzie
  27. Direct Action
  28. Asocial
  29. Scraps
  30. Betercore
  31. Line Of Sight
  32. Ammo
  33. Blue Suede Platforms
  34. Black Magnet
  35. Chow Line
  36. Compressions
  37. DPBS
  38. Lifes
  39. Pisser
  40. Positive Citizen
  41. Red Threads
  42. Trash
  43. Kira Jari
  44. Adult Magic
  45. Broken Things
  46. Changer
  47. Joey Cape
  48. Open Wounds
  49. Terry
  50. Sidetracked
  51. Heatseeker
  52. Government Flu
  53. Protestera
  54. The Antipatix
  55. Bikes
  56. Boron Heist
  57. Golden Pelicans
  58. Ladrones
  59. Model Zero
  60. The Slop
  61. Xenu and the Thetans
  62. Argument?
  63. Mala Vista
  64. Email Trouble
  65. Moskwa
  66. Grudge
  67. The Dogs
  68. Diphallia
  69. The Members
  70. Rotten Foxes
  71. Tommy and June
  72. Raw Power
  73. The Rats
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