MRR #437 • October 2019


  • Back In School

    Yup, it’s October and your MRR column class has resumed. Time to get edjumacated. Or at least find a way to cope with what’s going to happen over the next 8-10 months—that’s if you’re still involved in some kind of academic pursuit or have college students disrupting your otherwise-tranquil life. Educational topics have long been […]

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  • Provocateurs & City Radicals

    In 2006, Scott Soriano (SS Records) interviewed Tom Lax (Siltbreeze Records) for Terminal Boredom. When Soriano declared The Fugs «the first great American punk band», Lax agreed they were «great on so many levels; they were provocateurs, city radicals, literate, thinking, rapier-sharp people.» «Aha!» commented Soriano; «words like that will get you crucified by today’s punk rockers’!»

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  • What’s Left?

    An in-depth examination of fascist Third World and First World Third Positionism and how they interact.

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Articles / Interviews

Book Reviews

  • My Butch Career Esther Newton

    Modern academia has a well-deserved reputation for stuffiness, so imagine entering that world at a time when not wearing skirts—and, perhaps, being a woman at all—was considered unprofessional. Esther Newton is a queer anthropologist best known for her book Mother Camp, the publication of her doctoral research on drag culture. As implied by the memoir’s […]

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  • A City Made of Words Paul Park

    If you’re like me, you might think that reading dystopian fiction is hardly necessary these days, what with the Incels, children in cages, and the rapid expansion of shanty town style tent communities in the most affluent cities in the country. But Paul Park’s excellent collection of stories A City Made of Words is a refreshingly trenchant […]

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  1. Chronic Submission
  2. Stay Clean Jolene
  3. The Patients
  4. State Drugs
  5. Material
  6. Higgins and the Magic of the Marketplace
  7. Perfect Buzz
  8. Judy and the Jerks
  9. Civic
  10. Parsnip
  11. Grey Walls
  12. Future Terror
  13. Rules
  14. Meatwound
  15. Sow Threat
  16. Tied Down
  17. Ona Snop
  18. Lvger
  19. Korkkivika
  20. Dead Already
  21. .Gram.
  22. …Is Dodelijk
  23. Wall Breaker
  24. The Royal Hounds NYC
  25. No-Heads
  26. Exithippies
  27. The Beekeepers
  28. Laxity
  29. Torpur
  30. The Fog
  31. In Dire Fucking Straits
  32. The Throwups
  33. Eat My Fear
  34. Ex-Cess
  35. La URSS
  36. Minima
  37. Snuff
  38. V/A
  39. Hammered Hulls
  40. Regres
  41. Rappresaglia
  42. Frites Modern
  43. The Comes
  44. Waste
  45. Domain
  46. Short Order
  47. Wet Specimens
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