MRR Radio #1905

EAT THE TURNBUCKLE at The Underground Arts in Callowhill Philadelphia, April 4th 2014. Photo by Average Joe Photo

On this week’s MRR Radio, Zu From All Over celebrates her love of pro-wrestling by marking out over the best Hardcore, Metal, and Badass Entrance Themes to hit the ring to.

Cheap Heat
FOREIGN OBJECTS – Wrestling Is Real
THE CRAMPS – The Crusher (THE NOVAS cover)
Crimson Mask The Hard Way
THE HOODSLAM BAND – Hoodslamthem
ANTISEEN – Cactus Jack
NIGHT BIRDS – Maimed for the Masses
THE ULTIMATE WARRIORS – Song About Wrestling
EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Ladders, Tables, And Chairs
Work / Shoot Schmoz
THE MIGHTY IONS – Pedro Morales
RANCID VAT – The Ugandan Giant
THE RAZOR RAMONES – Sami Zayn is the Only Wrestler We Like
HELLWIGS – It’s Gotta Be Kane
1 – 2 – Twooo!
THE 1234-DAH! – 해​피​뉴​이​어​입​니​까​? 해​피​뉴​이​어 면 뭐​든​지 할 수 있​습​니​다​!
JFA – Mad Garden
VALIENT THORR – False Profits
Showdown Of The Century
R.I.P. – Street Reaper

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