Adult Contemporary

Peach of Immortality Talking Heads ’77 LP

Outside stuff aimed at smashing both pretentious arty/industrial music and the stagnant aspect of hardcore. Whether they accomplish this or not remains to be seen (heard). To quote the press release, “They will use anything at their disposal to fucking obliterate everything.” Sounds like it.

Peach of Immortality “Jehovah” My Black Ass – R.E.M. is Air Supply! 12″

If you don’t have a sensitivity to noise, this will sound like a self-indulgent instrumental mess. What we have here is an insane, grinding, industrial-strength set of “tunes” which purposely tries to disorient and infuriate. You know what? It works.

Pussy Galore Feel Good About Your Body EP

Combining garage, noise, punk, and spoken word, this crude trio will not appeal to most in their simplicity, but their commitment to the original punk aesthetic should. “HC Rebellion” has some important criticisms to hear, which you can also do live (see tour ad this issue).