Giuseppe Carabino U Ruševinama 84–86 cassette

GIUSEPPE CARABINO was a hardcore band from Subotica, Yugoslavia. This tape with 31 tracks includes five different releases and live recordings of the seemingly prolific band. Again a great relic of our international subculture, now collected and reissued by Aftermath Tapes. The music is exuberant, and tries to be ultra-fast both with the thundering guitars and airtight drumming, laid on a hyperactive bass. While all the collective anxiety is on the loose, melody appears in a better-blended form than cheap tunes on the top of noise. They tried to write songs but were too impatient to play them in a boring, traditional way. When tension decreases, gloomy sounds surface along with the disgusted vocals. It’s an interesting duality how these kids from far away built their own universe on constantly collapsing songs. They capture the despair and it works, sounding original while it’s dumb since it dares to be dumb. It’s unpolished because it was recorded on impossible devices, yet it was recorded and decades later is still available, proving how some forces are unstoppable. If you like hardcore that is coming from less-known places and sounds different despite similarities in its fundaments, great stuff.

Ženevski Dekret Protest 1986–1988 cassette

A compilation by Yugoslavian hardcore legends ŽENEVSKI DEKRET, with songs recorded before the war. Protest 1986–1988 has two demos rescued by the guitarist’s sister during the war—how many bands from the area can say that they recorded before the war? Yes, all these bands talking about war from the comfort of their suburban homes can learn a thing or two about humility from this band. If you are unfamiliar with their sound, think Finnish punk mixed with METALLICA. Strange but it works!