Bopp n' Skin

V/A This Is the Central Coast, Dammit LP

A decent regional compilation from the California coast between SF and LA, very near the geologically unstable area where PG&E stupidly built its Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. The album includes various categories of contemporary music, from catchy teenage thrash (LOS CREMATORS, DEATH OF GLORY, and the CORRUPTORS) to garage punk (GROUP SEX, X-TORTION) to neo-psychedelia (PYRAMOD, MOOD ROOM) to ’77 punk (the USERS) to Finnish-style thrash (ASSAULT) to garagy mixtures of thrash and punk (the WIMPY DICKS and PEDESTRIAN ABUSE). The overall feeling is appealingly unprofessional, and the idea of giving new groups exposure is worthy of support.

Wimpy Dicks Kill Chain CD

This band has been around since 1980, with the singer/bass player being the lone original member. From San Luis Obispo, they play sloppy mid-’80s skate punk, a lot like the wave that included the FACTION and JFA. Although I give them props for sticking to this genre for so long, I didn’t like this at all. The vocals try to jam in too many words to fit the music, and the uneven playing and song mixes don’t help. Admittedly, I’ve never been a skate punk guy, but I do like it when it’s done right.

Wimpy Dicks S.L.O. Bored LP

WIMPY DICKS incant growled vocals over a tough, uncompromising hardcore style that has unquestionable bite and power. The songs tend to be repetitive, however, both within and between cuts; but those who can ignore this will find all of the basics on this one. Adequate.