Budget Ranch

The Dull She’s a Nuclear Bomb / Reach Out and Grab 7″

A Geza X production job, these tracks combine elements of punk, metal, and ’70s R’n’R, perhaps exemplifying their proclaimed influences of “GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and the TROGGS.” Decent, but not overpowering.

V/A Budget Ranch Box 3×7″ box set

A weird marketing concept—three colored vinyl EPs boxed together. You get one by PEACE CORPSE (country metal weirdness), WHITE ’N’ HAIRY (funk doodling weirdness), and PILLSBURY HARDCORE (droning FLIPPER-ish weirdness). Pretty goddamn weird.

V/A Budget Ranch Box 3×7″ box set

Three separate EPs, three different sounds, three different color vinyls. PILLSBURY HARDCORE, PEACE CORPSE, and WHITE’N’HAIRY get their individual say here. Made for collectors, comes in a box.