Kraut An Adjustment to Society LP

A potent mixture of ’77-style powerchord punk and more contemporary thrashers can be found on this excellent debut album by KRAUT. It is far more riveting than their two EPs, and should serve to silence many of their critics once and for all. Solid production, loads of tight guitar power, abundant energy, and huge hooklines are all showcased here. I don’t really accept Tim Sommer’s suggestion that KRAUT are the punk group of the ’80s, and for all I know, they might actually be the would-be rockstars that their enemies contend, but they sure as hell won’t need ex-PISTOL Steve Jones to give them credibility next time around. Highly recommended.

Kraut Whetting the Scythe 12″

While this mini-LP boasts considerably more production finesse than past efforts, the songs by and large didn’t grab me. KRAUT use metal and punk power-chord figures with skill and taste—yet, it’s difficult to pick out a single memorable track here, or anything even remotely along the lines of past greats like “Bogus” or “Kill for Cash.” Disappointing.