Chaotic Uprising Productions

100% Blood Sick and Bloody Madness cassette

100% BLOOD is primitive “troglodyte banging on a drum” hardcore punk done in a NY basement by two dudes from SUBVERSIVE RITE.  Sloppy but in a good way, in the great tradition of Finnish hardcore punk bands like TERVEET KÄDET or even primitive acts like the Spanish HARINA DE HUESOS HUMANOS. None of the nine songs that make up this cassette hit the one-minute mark, so you can feel the sense of urgency. The production just adds up to the intensity that Sick and Bloody Madness achieves, and the whole purpose is to sound like it was dug up from the ’80s.

Bloodsuckers The Real Cost cassette

This 2021 reissue of BLOODSUCKERS’ cassette release consists of UKHC/UK82 in the VARUKERS’ Another Religion Another War/BROKEN BONES’ Dem Bones school, an ’80s Finnish HC approach with the power and intensity of ’80s Boston hardcore running through their veins. No frills, nothing artsy fartsy or no weird esoteric bullshit, just an output of raging hardcore with a backbone of UK82/UKHC bombardment riffage, the urgency of ’90s Japanese HC, and the toughness of ’80s Boston HC. A combustion of pummeling drums with all-in-one killer machine gun buzzsaw guitars, and a tough vocal style with ferocity.

Hounds of War Rabid March EP

Three-song EP from this band composed by Claire Vastola on vocals and Max Parker on all other instruments, who you might recognize from their work in bands like PROCESS, SUBVERSIVE RITE, or VERMIN. This is hardcore in the vein of the great UK82 bands; fast, big riffs galore, metallic tone, and metal guitar solos. A great EP full of combative fury, vibrant and too short for my taste, but hey, that’s life.

Hounds of War Hounds of War demo cassette

With an intro featuring gunfire, you already know it’s going to be a good one. HOUNDS OF WAR is Claire Vastola and Max Parker, both from the excellent SUBVERSIVE RITE, one of the best SACRILEGE worshippers out there. This time around, they unleashed a three-song demo of metal-tinged hardcore punk with hints of DIRT and VICE SQUAD. The demo goes by quickly but the songs certainly get stuck in your head, as every song is fun from beginning to end.

Vivisected Numbskulls 4 More Tracks cassette

I’m not sure what genre these devilish dudes from New York City would consider themselves. Death Oi!? Street Macabre? Boasting ghoulish tunes with fuzzy and buzzy guitars, hoarse ghostly vocals, and foreboding hooks galore, these NUMBSKULLS seem to be carving out their own grisly, jagged, and possibly infected path. The music is UK82 at its core, delivered via a decaying VHS tape bootleg of a banned movie. Whatever they call it, this band and the rest of the crew at the Chaotic Uprising Productions label are up to some wild shit, and I’m into it.

Vivisected Numbskulls Swine in Chains EP

Solo venture of Max Parker of such delightful acts as 100% BLOOD, HOUNDS OF WAR, and SUBVERSIVE RITE. If the 4-Track Demo was good, Swine in Chains is even better! This isn’t for everyone, but the ones who truly appreciate the UK82 sound with D-beat undertones will love this. There is also a metallic aura about this recording that is undeniable and will reach the metalpunk enjoyers as well. Imagine DISCHARGE jamming with the PARTISANS in a sewer in post-apocalyptic Nuke York. To sum things up, all of his mentioned bands have a specific ambiance to them that will remind you of discovering some obscure band from the ’80s. Total raw assault!