Hyökkäys Antigobierno EP

HYÖKKÄYS translates to “attack”. And attack they do! This is pure Suomi hardcore worship played by Basque punks. Little is known about this band, which keeps things interesting, and one can solely focus on the music…erm…noise they make. Antigobierno is made up of eleven tracks, two of them are covers of HHH and KAAOS, and this mixture pretty much sums up their sound. Raw, primitive, and to-the-point. Another great gem from the Spanish punk scene.

V/A Censorship Sucks! LP

This is a No More Censorship Defense Fund benefit LP with a variety of styles and bands. On the punk side are OI POLLOI and CÁTERAN, while there are a host of aggressive-sounding post-punk bands like PASTELS, SHAMEN, MEMBRANES, PRIMEVALS, PALOOKAS, MEAT WHIPLASH, etc.