Demo Tapes

Asylum Is This the Price? EP

ASYLUM was an English punk band of short existence. Hailing from the harsh industrial environment of the Midlands, they played a few gigs, recorded a demo tape, and some of their tracks were released on compilations.  Now, you can hear for the first time on vinyl that semi-legendary demo, originally released in 1982 by Retaliation Records. What do we have here?  Six devastating tracks. Basically, it’s the blueprint of the sound of worldwide noisecore (especially Japanese) and extreme music in general: a magmatic mix of ultra-distorted guitars, fuzz-drowned bass, chaotic drums, and desperate, disembodied screams focused on personal and political lyrics. It’s beautiful. Mandatory listening.

Disattack A Bomb Drops… 12″

I confess, I knew about CARCASS, but I didn’t know about DISATTACK, the band that came before. This is a re-release of their 1986 demo, which Walter Glaser reviewed in MRR #39, plus a couple rehearsal tracks. It couldn’t be more different from more recent CARCASS albums, but the transition from this to Reek of Putrefaction is seamless. This tape contains some great, crusty DISCHARGE-type punk. With the headbanging riffage, glimpses are visible of the metal legends they would become. ”Opression and Death” stood out as more of a hardcore banger, but all six tracks are worth a listen.

Dominant Patri Heroes Glory 12″

Formed in the early ’80s in Luton, England, DOMINANT PATRI were a part of the thriving anarcho-punk movement raging on in ’80s Britain. Forty years later, their first demo tape gets the reissue treatment…and rightfully so! The title track of the Heroes Glory 12″ is a brooding peace punk dirge, while the other two tracks are more of the classic “pounding drums with drill sergeant-esque barking” anarcho-punk variety. All three tracks rip incredibly hard! Thanks to the wonderful people at Demo Tapes Records, you can experience this rediscovered anarcho gem for yourself now—go do that!