Bad Religion Back to the Known EP

After releasing that ridiculous Into the Unknown LP last year, most bands would have broken up and hid their faces forever. But these brave fellows buckle under and come back with this five-song EP that has them on the road to recovery. While nowhere as good as their debut, it’s a promising restart. (New band has Greg Hetson of CIRCLE JERKS.)

Seeing Eye Gods Seeing Eye Gods LP

The coolest thing about this record is that it’s a two-sided paisley pic disc. Musically, they’re most definitely Marc Bolan/Donovan influenced, i.e., very sweet and melodic psychedelia. Well done for that and OK for those special moments, but wimpy for the rest. Still, I’ll keep it.

The Primates We Are the Primates LP

Primitive 60’s punk that relies heavily on rhythms simple drumming, maracas, tambourines, etc.). Basic R&B punk with classic garage meets Mersey tones. They can fuzz punk as well, though, and that wimp Jeff (who was supposed to have done this review!) really likes this one.