Espasmo Nervioso

Angustia Espiritual Angustia Espiritual cassette

The album art on this cassette calls to mind RUDIMENTARY PENI, but Costa Rica’s ANGUSTIA ESPIRITUAL carves a sound out that is all their own. Playing more like a noise-injected 45 GRAVE, this self-titled EP has a production that is neither dense or sparse— instead, they offer a wall of sound that is interspersed with enough breaks to allow the creepy feelings to settle in. No haunting organs or synths, but replaced with slippery guitar and bass that slink around Amanda’s vocals. The closing track “Letargo” is perhaps my favorite, as it really highlights ANGUSTIA ESPIRITUAL’s deathrock sensibilities.

Mentalidad Ausente Guerra Permanente en la Cabeza cassette

Punk music doesn’t need to be refined at all, sometimes we just need heavy riffs, hellish screaming, and banging drums. MENTALIDAD AUSENTE is a trio from Costa Rica, more precisely, San Jose, and they are primitive as hell. Almost like a punker version of BONE AWL, if that makes sense. Recorded live in 2021, this EP is a great debut for these blackened punks to lean on. Knuckle-dragging Neanderthal music, and I mean that in a good way!