Fresh Sounds, Inc.

SPK The Last Attempt at Paradise cassette

Deathly industrial noise abounds on this well-recorded tape, a document of SPK’s last American tour. Simply the best band of its type, SPK runs through their disturbing pop music parodies and every manner of human atrocity, and always with that dynamic tribal beat in the background. The show must have really fried their brains in Lawrence, Kansas. This cassette is extraordinary.

The Micronotz Smash! 12″

By some inexplicable oversight, the (MORTAL) MICRONOTZ’ neat debut album never got reviewed in MRR. That was a big mistake, because it was filled with raw garage spume that deserved to get more attention. In any case, their new 12″ is even better—tighter, more solid, more developed, and just generally bitchin’. All the songs are coherent, the guitars growl, and the vocals have a snotty ’60s aesthetic.

V/A Fresh Sounds From Middle America #3 LP

This sampler resents diverse sounds from some familiar (MICRONOTZ, BUM KON, IGUANAS) and mostly relatively unknown bands. While side one is composed of adequate alternative pop tracks, the flip really lets loose with hard-edged punky tunes spanning most of the punk/HC spectrum. Interesting comp—and worth your attention.