Boskops Sol 12 LP

An extremely likable thrash album from Germany that’s well-produced, powerful, and full of great hooks. At times, the wall-of-guitar sound reminds me of DISCHARGE or CHAOS UK. There are some slow songs, but most of them really rip.

Klischee Normalzustand LP

This German release dates from ’81 and mainly features ’77-style medium-to-fast-tempo punk. However, it also has elements of post-punk (“Heil Satan”), reggae (“Verboten”), garage rock (“Ersatz”), and funny commercial intros (“In der Nacht”). It’s well produced, engaging, and—in all seriousness—lots of fun. We’d like to hear more.

V/A Korn Live – Ab Geht Er LP

This new German compilation album features six punk bands. Although the live recording is far better than the norm in audio-verite efforts, this isn’t a particularly satisfying release. Most of the groups perform ’77 punk with little imagination or originality. BLITZKRIEG and LE CRASH stand out as being the most powerful, but all the bands except KALTWETTERFRONT have their moments (KLISCHEE’s “Dalli, Dalli,” the ARISTOCRATS’ “Bullen…”, WUTSTOCK’s “Hardcore”). OK.