Ex-Dom En La Mira 12″

Very cool shit from EX-DOM, a four-piece from Bremen, Germany who sing in both Spanish and German and play D-beat-influenced tupa-tupa that sits comfortably next to contemporaries GOLPE and DELETÄR. Even if you’re like me and not bilingual, you’ll still get the picture; this is raw, ass-kicking music that gets the point across in spite of potential language barriers. Everything on here smokes, but “Devastactión” is my favorite. Its screeching feedback and caveman stomp intro leads into a heavy riff-fest with tasty guitar leads guiding the way. Like I said earlier, this shit rules. Two thumbs way up, highly recommended.

Life Scars Pekniete Serca CD

LIFE SCARS from Eastern Poland recently dropped this full-length slab of melancholic, stench-ridden, D-beat-driven crust and it’s pure gold. Simple yet concise instrumentation backs a vocal delivery that is reminiscent of NAUSEA. Lyrics delivered in LIFE SCARS’ native language have a sort of sweetness that feels ancient but alive. Blasting breakdowns and screaming guitar crescendos are ubiquitous and draw the listener further into the pummeling storm. If you’re a fan of NUX VOMICA, ROT//WOVEN, or AGE OF COLLAPSE, then be sure to check this out!

V/A Nic Więcej Do Powiedzenia: Tribute to Homomilitia CD

The target audience outside of Europe might be small here, but if you’re like me, then you’re going to eat this shit up. HOMOMILITIA was a constant presence in the 1990s European DIY crust discussion (and the distro crates), but these treatments are not what I was expecting at all. CYMEON X opens with a pretty honest cover, but then ALLES torches the whole concept with a damaged hard techno rendition of “Fak Ju Szkoła,” and GYL 2022 EXPERIENCE drops a truly bizarre spiritual sludge “Go Woman.” There are more true-to-the-original covers (CONTORTURE, UNHALM, HOW LONG?), there are some that take HOMOMILITIA’s political crust to higher extremes (NONSANTO), some who tweak things just a bit (SHESH SHESH SHESH), and others who completely reinvent the sounds (AUTONOMA). Absolutely amazing collection, and a brilliant homage to a legendary band who are too often overlooked outside of their native Poland. Highly recommended!