Höllenqual Tapes

V/A Hauptkampflinie cassette

An international collection starring PLAIN WRAP, SVART FRAMTID, PANDEMONIUM, MOB 47, WRETCHED, TIN CAN ARMY, SIEGE, CRASH BOX, INFERNO, and several newcomers. It’s a solid thrash release—you know what you’re getting.

V/A Who’ll Survive cassette

This latest comp from Hollenqual contains hot tracks from the likes of VICIOUS CIRCLE, HALF LIFE, NEGAZIONE, BLUTTAT, HEIMAT, CRUDE SS, GEPÁ˜PEL, DETONATORS, NIKOTEENS, DOWN SYNDROME, and more. Good sound quality, though there are several tracks that were submitted by bands off their vinyl releases. All in all, a powerful collection, including the tracks from unknowns like GROFTROSEN.